Traveling can be one of the most exciting and fun experiences but it is often one of the most costly. I love to travel but before planning any trip I am forever researching the cheapest time of year to go, how much transport will cost, the price of accommodation and how expensive it is when you arrive. 

Lately, James and I have become fans of city breaks using search engines such as sky scanner to get good deals on the price of flights. Another way we have been saving money whist we’re away is by booking our accommodation through Air BnB. 

For those of you that don’t know, Air BnB is a fantastic website that is a collection of hosts that offer a huge range of different types of accommodation. This can range from a bedroom in a family home, to whole villas with swimming pools. The difference being, that you are able to contact the owner directly. This means cutting out administrative fees, the middleman and companies that charge for this sort of service. You are able to type in a destination, pick accommodation within your price range with all of your criteria and organise your stay directly with the owner. 

I have used Air BnB a number of times now, the most recent being when we took a trip to Prague a couple of weeks ago, and we couldn’t have been happier with the apartment that we stayed it. If you have not booked with Air BnB before, or fancy having a peek before you plan this year’s summer holiday, below are some top tips that I would recommend reading before you begin. 

Decide In Advance What Type Of Accommodation You Are Looking For

It is important to know what type of accommodation you are looking for before you start researching. As Air BnB becomes more popular, there are more hosts which means that you could be searching through hundreds of properties trying to find the right one. We often opt for a ‘Whole Apartment’ option because we like our privacy and it becomes a little home from home. Although they are a little bit more expensive, we have found that you often save money in the long run as you have use of the facilities meaning that you can cook and prepare food for yourself. 

Research Prices In Advance

I would recommend having a quick Google to find out what the average hotel or hostel price is in the area that you want to visit. The last thing you want is to spend £100 a night through Air BnB if the average price for hotels is only £40. Like wise, if it is a more expensive city or town you might struggle to find somewhere for £20 per night or if you do, it may not be in the best area…

Be Sure To Read The Reviews First

Pictures can be deceiving and so I would always recommend that you read the feedback first. Be sure to have a read of the feedback of the host as well. We had a fantastic host in Prague that couldn’t have been more help and it really made a difference to our stay. 

Check What Is Provided In The Details Section

There is a list of details provided for every property so be sure to give this a read, especially if you want something specific. For example, we knew that we wanted access to WiFi so we double-checked this in each placed we viewed. It will also list simple things like a hair dryer or a kettle; so don’t take anything for granted. If you wanted to ask about something really specific however, there is always the option to contact the host before hand.  

Always Read The House Rules & Finer Details

This is an important thing to read before booking your stay as it often provides strict information that cannot be negotiated once you have paid. This section lets you know the check in and check out times. It may also specify if there is an extra charge per person for parties more than two. It may also provide some house rules such as no loud music or that shoes cannot be worn in the house.

Ultimately it is important to remember that Air BnB accommodation is often people’s homes or their own property. It is not a chain hotel and so you must respect the rules and wishes of the hosts and treat these places as you would your own home. It is a wonderful community to stay with and I am sure that we will be booking through Air BnB for many holidays to come. 

Have you ever booked accommodation through Air BnB?


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Just a little disclaimer, this post was not sponsored, I am just a huge fan of Air BnB!