I was so excited to have the opportunity to attend the Your Best Dress with Fashion In Flux Topshop event at Meadow Hall in Sheffield on Thursday. I am a huge lover of Topshop clothes and always think that they have a beautiful range of on trend products, as well as fashion staples, available for all shapes, sizes, preferences and tastes. I have been following Lydia from Fashion In Flux for ages now, and I love her fashion style, the way that she dresses, as well as her beauty and makeup skills. 

Topshop Stylist

The event on Thursday was designed to promote the amazing Styling service provided by Topshop. Meadowhall has a lovely suite downstairs that is separate to the rest of the store and it has a lovely reception and two really spacious changing rooms. The Topshop Stylist service allows you to book an appointment and have your own changing room to try on a range of clothes, without the stress and strain of trying to find something on the racks. 

This service is great if you have an event coming up such as a wedding, a prom or even a holiday. You can arrange an appointment, discus your personal style, you size, any body hang-ups and anything else that you look for when shopping for clothes. This allows you to turn up to the Stylist Suite and try on a range of clothes that have been pre-picked out for you based on your requirements. I think that this is a great way to shop as a lot of the hard work has been done for you. It seems like a fantastic service, especially as there is no minimum spend, I can’t wait to book my appointment and get shopping!

Fashion In Flux

After learning all about the Topshop Stylist Service, the beautiful Lydia from Fashion In Flux did a talk all about how to dress your best, whilst showing pieces that were picked out from her stylist session. I loved the items that she had picked out and her advice on dresses and what to wear was really useful. It was so nice to meet Lydia, she is so down to earth and came across just as warm, friendly and funny as she does on her blog and YouTube channel. 

 Have you tried out the Topshop Styling Service?


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