Feeding Your Wanderlust Addiction Even When You're Not Traveling

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  • Friday, 30 June 2017

Ever since I have been little, one of my most favourite things to do in life is travel. I love to explore new areas of the world whether it is experiencing other cultures over in Hong Kong, backpacking around Europe, exploring the many states of America or taking long walks in the Lake District. I absolutely love the thrill of experiencing new things and learning more about our beautiful world.

One of the main issues for me when it comes to traveling, which I am sure must be the same for a lot of other people, is that it can be very costly. If I had my way, I would travel and explore the world constantly, but unfortunately, like the majority, reality strikes and it’s back to work to save for the text trip away… 

There are a few things I have learnt to do over the last few years however, to get me out of the traveling blues, and I love to do these activities in order to feed my wanderlust addition whilst staying at home. 

Plan a Trip

I love to plan my travel adventures in advance. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a spontaneous trip away, like when James and I decided to fly to Bratislava for a three night stay just a few weeks before we went. However, for me, half of the fun of traveling is the planning, getting excited and enjoying the build up to the adventure. 

James and I have been toying with the idea of having an extended trip to America at some point, around six to eight weeks. A few things have happened recently which has allowed this dream to become a reality, and so next March we are flying out to New York and we are currently in the process of planning and organising our trip. To me this is so exciting as we get to research and plan our trip, feeding that wanderlust addition without actually traveling anywhere yet! 

I know it seems like a long way off, but even planning a few months or weeks ahead of your trip can help to feed that travel bug and get you excited for your next trip away. 

Read Travel Books

I love looking at and reading travel books. Before any trip away, I am guaranteed to have bought some sort of travel guide of the country, area or city that I am going to visit. I love absorbing as much information about the place I am traveling to before I go, and I find that having a travel book to read through is one of the best resources to use.

I like to check out what my local library has to offer in terms of travel books and if one catches my eye then I’ll pick up my own copy from Waterstones. I love having them sat on my bedside table on the build up to a trip, or just at any time of year, to help feed my wanderlust addiction. 

Get On Social Media

One of the best ways to feed a wanderlust addiction is to get on social media and start following travel blogs, Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards. I love to follow and read about travel bloggers and influences, not only to get inspiration, but also to make me feel excited and interested in traveling. 

I love reading World Of Wanderlust and have been following her for a couple of years on Bloglovin. She is a solo traveller that explores the world from top to bottom providing a great insight to the lifestyle of travel, with amazing tips and tricks. I also love Wish Wish Wish, who I follow on Instagram for a daily update of travel inspiration. 

Look Back On Photographs

Before I had my blog, I would always document my travel adventures in a scrapbook with lots of photographs and bits of memorabilia. I feel like my blog has become an area to share my adventures on, but there is something really nice about looking back on an adventure through a scrapbook or looking at photographs. I find that when I am getting a little frustrated with my wanderlust, looking back on past expeditions can create a great sense of adventure. 

How do you like to feed your wanderlust addition while you're not travelling? 


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Festival Capsule Wardrobe | Glastonbury 2017

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  • Sunday, 25 June 2017

Hello and greetings from my fourth day at Glastonbury Festival 2017…

Glastonbury is well known for its fashion. It seems to be many celebrities’ festival of choice and for that reason, fashion and beauty takes a centre stage. I think that there is a slight pressure to dress very on trend and in high-fashion whilst you’re there, but at the end of the day, it is a festival, you will get muddy and sweaty and cold, and you will not have the room to fit 847653 different changes of clothes for your five day stay. 

So in light of this, I decided that instead of a last minute panic when it comes to packing my festival attire, and worrying the whole journey there whether I’ll look ‘cool’ enough, I put together a capsule wardrobe that is both festival themed-yet sensible – I know, I’m old before my years, I can’t help it!! So each of my bottoms go with each of my tops, I have universal items of clothing, yet I also feel prepared for all weather types, come what may. I also wanted to pack fairly light as they have a tighter security this year and we were warned in advance that queues would be mad. Be sure to have a read of my other Glastonbury Festival essentials including beauty and technology bits and bobs. 

I decided to pack two pairs of shorts, one denim pair and one cotton pair. The denim shorts are a classic fit that sits just above the hips with turn up bottoms that finish around the mid-thigh. These were from Primark and I thought that they would be a good staple as they go with a range of different tops. The cotton pair is a fun, bright, flowery pair that can sit comfortably on the waist and have more of a culottes style to them. I thought that these would be good as they are cotton and would keep me cool in the warmer weather, yet dry quickly if it does rain. 

When it comes to tops I have packed a couple of different styles so that I am covered for a range of different weather. I picked up this Mermaid swimsuit when I was in Edinburgh the other week with my mum on a girly weekend away. I thought that this would act great as a body under shorts whilst I am away at Glastonbury. I think it looks really cute and girly, but will be easy to layer up and keep me cool. I have also taken a simple striped tee from Topshop that is cropped with little capped sleeves. I thought this would be a good option if it is a little overcast and I want something to keep my shoulders a little warmer. The last top is this really cute black cotton cropped tank from H&M. I love the crocheted detail at the bottom that gives a hit of mid-drift yet still allows me to feel covered up.  

Another absolute staple is this super cute pink, flowery kimono that I bought from New Look years ago. This is a staple of mine every summer and it comes away with me on any sunny holiday. I think it is perfect to throw on over any summer outfit as it keeps me cool and covers my shoulders. 

I will also be taking one dress and one playsuit to switch things up a little bit. I really love this cute little black dress with pink roses that I bought from Primark last year. This also goes with the pink New Look kimono, just like the pale blue playsuit with pretty blue and pink flowers. I think that these are really cute and girly - perfect festival attire. 

As well as this festival capsule wardrobe, I will also be taking with me over the knee socks to wear with my willies, ponchos, a hoodie, nightwear and some tights. I have also filmed a video for my YouTube channel featuring all of these clothes so be sure to have a watch if you want to find out about each item in more detail. 

Are you going to any festivals this year?
What would be in your festival capsule wardrobe?


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My Top Festival Essentials | Glastonbury 2017

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  • Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Today I am absolutely filled to the brim with excitement because James and I are driving down to Glastonbury this evening! We are both huge fans of music, camping and all things to do with festivals, so this weekend promises to be such a treat! We are meeting some friends who drove down yesterday so I can’t wait to get there, crack open a cider and let the weekend begin. I thought I’d write a post and share what I’ll be taking along with me, which ranges from cameras to hand sanitiser, ponchos to sun cream. 


I think that when it comes to festivals, technology can often fall to the back of people’s minds as there are no plugs and Wi-Fi in the middle of a muddy field… However, I often take a few key pieces away with me whenever I go camping. My camera is key for a start. As a blogger, I think that photography and taking that ‘perfect shot’ is always present, no matter what I am doing, and being at a festival is no different. In fact, there are always loads of photo opportunities to be had when being outdoors and spending time with friends. Something small is usually ideal and when looking for the best compact camera Panasonic have some fantastic products available.

I will also be taking my phone away with me to allow me to meet up with friends, occasionally update social media and let my mum know that I’m ok! So portable phone chargers and cables are also a must have Glastonbury essential. Even if you don’t take your phone or on the off chance you do run out of battery, it’s probably best to also have something with you that allows you to tell the time. Festivals often stick to strict time limits when it comes to bands and you don’t want to miss any that you’re really excited to see!


One thing to remember when it comes to beauty products at a festival is that you cannot take in any glass. Forget perfume bottles, glass bottled skincare or even foundation, be sure to make sure that everything you take is in a plastic container. I usually take my everyday makeup, moisturiser and skincare, with a few extra things thrown into the mix.

One thing I can’t live without at festivals is wipes. I pack hand wipes for while I’m walking around, face wipes to wash my face morning and night, and deodorant wipes to give my body a all over fresh feel. This year, I will also be packing some body wash and shampoo as I plan to have a shower with the forecast looking so nice - nobody wants that stale-sweat stench following them around!

I will also be taking sun protection as the weather promises to be a lot sunnier than last year. I have packed my 50 SPF Lypsl* so that I don’t get chapped lips, the Benefit Dream Screen which is a facial sun cream with an SPF of 45 and the 50 SPF sun cream from the Hawaiian Tropic Range for my body. I really want to protect myself from sunstroke and red lobster body is always a bit of a turn off! 


When it comes to festival fashion, especially Glastonbury Festival fashion, it is sometimes hard to think logically, knowing that people will be there dressed-to-impressed. At the risk of sounding like a grandma, it is important to remember that you may look cool in those few photographs that you come home with, but you have to be prepared for all weather types.

I would recommend packing staples that will keep you warm/cool that you also feel confident and comfortable in. I have a Glastonbury Festival Capsule Wardrobe post and YouTube Video going live on Sunday so be sure to pop back to find out what I am taking away with me. But regardless of cute tops, shorts and dresses, I will also be fashioning; ponchos, which I got dead cheap from Home Bargains, tights, I love these nude illusion tights* from charnos that are perfect if you don’t fancy getting your legs out, knee high socks and a hoodie, hat and scarf.


As I am going to Glastonbury Festival, I will also need to take along with me some camping equipment. We plan on traveling very light so I will be taking; a tent, sleeping bag, ground mat, camping chair and a sensible bag to put all of my clothes, toiletries and tech bits and bobs in.

We will also be taking food and alcohol along with us. Glastonbury is pretty cool because you can walk around the entire festival with your booze, the only restriction being that again, there is no glass permitted on sight. I have bought a couple of boxes of tinned cider that were on offer in Morrison’s, but most supermarkets have one deal or anther when it comes to this time of year. Food wise, I plan on taking a few snack-y bits to keep me going throughout the day, but I am really excited to try some of Glastonbury’s amazing food stalls they have on offer this year.

Are you going to any festivals this year?
What are your festival essentials?


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First Impressions | Dr Botanicals Cleanse & Tone Two In One Cleanser

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  • Monday, 19 June 2017

A two in one cleanser, perfect for those that want to make getting ready for bed a little quicker… 

I have recently been using the Dr Botanicals Cleanse & Tone as a part of my everyday skincare routine and I have been really impressed with the results so far. This little product allows you to cleanse and tone your skin easily and effectively in just one step, meaning that the whole night-time skincare routine can be completed that little bit quicker…

Dr Botanicals

Dr Botanicals is quickly becoming one of my favourite skincare brands, and this has only been reinforced by the new Cleanse & Tone. They are a lovely company that ensure all of their products are one hundred percent natural and vegan friendly. None of their products are tested on animals and they are strong believers in the power of botanicals, meaning that a lot of their products are plant based.

I have tried a couple of their products now, including a beautiful rose moisturiser and a facial serum, both of which have become a part of my daily and bi-weekly skincare routines. I love knowing that these products are naturally sourced and not full of chemicals, and I can really tell the difference in the quality of the products. 

Product Information 

The Dr Botanicals Cleanse & Tone is a two in one cleansing product, meaning that you can save time when cleansing your face at the end of the day. It has a mixture of essential oils that promote hydration of the skin, but also help to wipe away impurities and dirt left on the skin throughout the day. 

The product has three main active ingredients including elderflower extract, peppermint and eucalyptus oil and aloe vera, which aim to moisturise and brighten the complexion, as well as leaving it hydrated, soothed and fully prepped for the rest of your evening skincare routine. 

This cleanser is suitable for all skin types and Dr Botanicals have kindly given my readers the discount code, MADOLYN3, which makes the product just £19.99. 

Initial Thoughts 

When it comes to taking off my make up, I usually use an eye makeup remover, a cleanser and a toner. So, when Dr Botanicals introduced me to the two in one Cleanse & Tone I felt as though this would revolutionise my evening skincare routine. 

I think that this is a brilliant cleanser but I feel as though I will get the most use out of it during the summer months. This is because I tend to wear a lot less makeup when it is warmer: think concealers and powders, rather than primers and foundations. 

Over the last weekend I was at the races and I also went to a family wedding. I noticed that on these days, when I wore more make up, I felt the need to use a separate toner after using this two in one cleanser, just to ensure that all of my makeup was taken off. I also used my separate eye makeup remover as I had heavier eye makeup to take off and didn’t feel as though the Cleanse & Tone was enough. 

However, on a day-to-day basis when I have just concealer, powder, a bit of eye shadow, mascara and brow product to remove, this Cleanse & Tone is a dream. It is so good at taking away all makeup and residue off the skin and I am left feeling very cleansed and soft due to the elderflower extract. I have loved using this product as a part of my daily night-time regime, and I know that it will be a solid favourite of mine this summer, and for days when I wear minimal and natural makeup. 

Have you tried anything from Dr Botanicals?
Don't forget to use my discount code MADOLYN3!


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12 Cities In 12 Months | Edinburgh

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  • Sunday, 18 June 2017

Last weekend I had a girly weekend away with my Mum, and we spent two nights in the beautiful city of Edinburgh…

I have visited the Edinburgh a few times over the years and every time I go I am blown away by the beautiful and historic city. Being from York, Edinburgh definitely feels like a home from home with its cobbled streets, beautiful buildings and cute little alleyways and walk ways. My Mum and I had a lovely time, and I would really recommend it as one of the top places to visit in the UK.

We got the train over to Edinburgh from York on the Friday morning. It was a quick two-hour journey that we spent chatting over coffee and croissants, before sharing a cheeky, mini bottle of vino! 

We ended up staying the Ibis Hotel, just off the Royal Mile, which is the main street in Edinburgh’s Old Town, leading up to the castle. It was a lovely hotel with modern décor and everything that you could have wanted for a weekend break away. There was free Wi-Fi, a complimentary continental breakfast and one of the nicest showers that I have ever used whilst being away. 

Food & Drink

As we had a nice big breakfast in the mornings, when it came to lunchtime, neither of us were particularly hungry. For this reason, we opted for a coffee and a little pick me up in the afternoons before going out for tea in the evenings. We tried to go to as many independent places as possible, preferring these to chain cafes and restaurants. 

Edinburgh is full to the brim of independent eateries, and we found some lovely places to stop for food and drinks. We also went to my friend’s café, The Bearded Baker, which is a lovely, little café serving amazing freshly made doughnuts and bagels, just on the outskirts of the city centre. 

 Things to See & Do 

Edinburgh has so much to offer and is one of the best cities for tourists that I have been too. Weather you are a lover of history, art, food, nature or shopping, there really is something for everyone. My Mum and I had a lovely weekend but I would happily go back with James, a group of friends and recommend it to people with families.

Both my Mum and I are huge lovers of history and so we went to the Museum of Childhood, The Castle, on The Vaults Tour and the Open Top Bus Tour. These were all fantastic things to visit that gave a brilliant impression of the history of Edinburgh and I found it so interesting and insightful. We also spent some time shopping down Princes Street and on the Sunday we went to the National Gallery of Scotland, which was really fun. 

I had such a lovely girly weekend away with my Mum and it was so nice to explore a city that really felt like a home from home. The few days away allowed me to relax and enjoy myself, whilst spending some great quality time with my Mum and I’m looking forward to planning another trip away with her! 

Have you ever been to Edinburgh?


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Bloggers Spotlight | An Interview With Ellie From ellie etc

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  • Friday, 16 June 2017

Happy Friday, and welcome to the June edit of the #BloggersSpotlight Series. This month’s feature is the beautiful and talented Ellie, writer of the blog ellie etc. I met Ellie at the same blogging event I met Heather and Sam; Scarlett London’s Bloggers Festival. We instantly clicked and it’s meeting people like Ellie that makes me realise how lovely the blogging community is! Ellie has an amazing sense of style and I love the way she puts items together to create a really unique and stylish look. Be sure to keep reading to find out more about the blogger behind the blog…

Introduce us to ellie etc, what can we expect to find there?

ellie etc is a little online space I created a few years ago when I was getting bored of my very un-creative A-level choices (Chemistry, Human Biology, Psychology and Geography, for anyone wanting to know). I've always loved clothes and fashion, so I decided to create a place where I could ramble freely without the responses of never ending eye rolls and phrases such as: "oh Ellie, you *really* should stop spending so much money". From there I decided to include things I get up to, holidays, nice restaurants/cafes I've been to, food I’ve eaten, etc etc. So now you’ll find personal style, new trends and brand highlights, travel features, as well as day trips and interesting places I’ve been to. Food - because who doesn’t enjoy taking pictures of their food?! Skincare and beauty bits here and there. A mixture of everything! 

Your style is always so on trend, where is your favourite place to shop for clothes?

Oh thank you! I'd love to be more 'on trend' but my bank balance definitely wouldn't like that at all. I love shopping for things on Depop and other second hand sites as well as charity shops. This is mainly as I hate buying things full price and always try and find a bargain. I also like the idea of reusing clothes. If someone has finished with an item of clothing, there's almost certainly someone else out there that'd be into it! Other than that, I love a bit of H&M, Monki, Pull & Bear, Zara, Primark and of course Topshop. 

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?  

I find it from all over. A lot of the time I'll just be out and see someone wearing something and see if I can find something similar myself! In terms of bloggers/Instagram-ers, I absolutely love Sammi from Samantha Maria's style. It's always just exactly how I'd love to dress! She's actually one of the bloggers that inspired me to start my own blog. I love Suzi from Hello October (she's another of the originals I got into blogging from). I try not to get *too* into celebrity fashion, as I usually find it quite unattainable due to the brands they wear! I’ll often find inspiration from the things that pop up on the explore part on Instagram, they’ll be celebrities, bloggers/instgrammers, or just friends of friends who’s fashion I love. 

When you're not blogging and writing about fashion, what else do you spend your time doing?

To be completely honest, I watch a lot of Netflix! Haha.. oh student life. I’m also often found wandering round the shops, I'm always very familiar with the stock in pretty much every clothes shop in close proximity! I’ve just finished my undergraduate degree in Psychology, so a lot of my time over the past three years has been taken up with that. It’s a very surreal feeling to be finished now, I almost don’t know what to do with myself with all this free time! 

What direction can you see your blog heading towards?

Funnily enough, I’m actually working on some big changes for ellie etc. As much as I love it how it is, I’m itching for a change. In the next month or so I’m completely rebranding and re-launching ellie etc as an online magazine. A collaborative place where lots of people can write about lots different things. And of course I’ll still write too. I’m so excited to be getting on with this as I’ve been holding off until I had finished my dissertation and exams. Stay tuned! 

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Follow Ellie on Bloglovin, Instagram and Twitter.


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How I De-Cluttered & Re-Organised My Makeup & Beauty Stash

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  • Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Recently, I have been drawn into the concept of minimalism and living life with a minimal inspired influence. A few weeks ago James and I redecorated our bedroom, and before moving everything back we had a serious clear out. One aspect that I really needed to work on de-cluttering my beauty and make up collection because I had far too much. 

I wanted to show how I de-cluttered and re-organised my beauty stash as I found it a very cleansing activity. It can seem as though I have a lot of products but being a beauty blogger, I think that I have probably more beauty products that the average person. Not only am I a huge fan of beauty products, but I am often gifted items from brands to try and review, so it became quite a time consuming and lengthy process…


I started my process by moving everything into the living room, and I mean EVERYTHING. I grabbed all of my beauty products, bath products, makeup and everything in-between. It was kind of embarrassing about the quantity of products that I actually owned. There was that much stuff to go through so I made a strong coffee, sat in the middle of everything and just started to pick up products. 

I decided that the easiest thing to do first was to sort everything into three separate piles: keep, throw away and donate. I though that it was best to set myself some rules before diving in head first, and so I came up with a couple of guidelines to help me decide which pile each product belonged in. 

Firstly, I looked at the date or how long I had had the product for. If it was out of date it went straight in the bin. Secondly, I looked at necessity. I questioned every single product and asked myself whether or not I actually needed it. I was trying to adopt the things I have learnt from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and really think about whether I would use this product or not. If I decided that I did want the product I put it into the keep pile. The final guideline that I applied was that if it wasn’t out of date or I didn’t need it, could I give it away to friends and family, if not then it went in the bin. 

This was as long and tedious a task as it sounds, but having coffee on tap and RuPaul’s Drag Race on in the background, I felt a huge sense of achievement once I had completely de-cluttered my beauty stash. Now all that was left to do was to organise it…


When it came to moving all of my beauty products back into my newly decorated bedroom I decided to limit myself to two designated areas. I have a beautiful white dressing table, which I decided to keep all of my make up in, and an alcove with some shelves that would play host to everything else. 

My dressing table has two little draws on the surface and a pull out draw underneath that has three separate compartments. I wanted to keep the surface looking as minimalistic as possible, so I organised all of my makeup brushes into little pots, kept a few pretty things on show, and put all of my everyday make up products into the two little draws. All other makeup is now stored away in the underneath draws and sorted into categories such as lips, cheeks, base and eyes. 

When it came to all of my other beauty products I decided to split them up and group them into different sections such as hair, fake tan, face, body, face masks etc. I then kept a section free for my current everyday or weekly products so that they were all to hand and in one place.

I use to have a monthly subscription to Glossy box and thankfully kept a large amount, which ended up being perfect little beauty storage containers. So I put different groups of products into either a base or a lid of a Glossy Box, which really helps to keep everything tidy and easy to get too. 

What do you think about the minimalist approach to de-cluttering?


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