At the beginning of the year I set myself the goal of visiting 12 different cities within 12 months, preferably spreading them out to write about each one, once a month.  May has been so, so busy and although I wasn’t able to explore a new city, I did have a weekend break in the Nottingham Centre Parcs with my family. Not technically a ‘city break’ I know, but still somewhere different that I have travelled too, and I am still counting it as one of my ’12 Cities in 12 Months’ destinations. 

My family are big fans of Centre Parcs. They see it as a way of experiencing all of the joys of being outside, without having to commit to staying outside, either in a tent or caravan. Centre Parcs is made up of lodges with a central hub that includes a swimming pool, sports centre and spa as well as restaurants and shops. It is a lovely place for families to stay as cars are left at the entrance and everywhere is within walking or cycling distance. There is so much on offer, all within an outdoor environment, which makes you feel like you are really cut off from the influences of the technology filled world.

My Parents and brother booked to stay in one of the lodges at the Nottingham Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs Monday – Friday and James and I drove down on the Wednesday after I finished work. We had some truly amazing weather whilst we were there and it made our few days away so much more enjoyable.

My mum and I booked a morning session at the Aqua Sana, which is the onsite spa that included use of a huge range of saunas, steam rooms and relaxation areas as well as a really tasty brunch. It was so nice to spend some girly quality time with my mum and we felt really pampered and relaxed, spending the morning in the spa. 

On the Thursday night we decided to have a BBQ at the lodge and then go out for an evening walk around the lake. It was so beautiful and the perfect way to spend our evening. After packing everything away on the Friday morning we decided to have some breakfast, which we took our time over, before heading over to the sports centre for a few games of badminton before driving home. 

It was such a lovely few days away, and I felt as though I had a nice break away from the outside world, really being able to live in the moment and enjoy what was happening at the present. I had so much fun just catching up with my mum, dad and brother, drinking, talking and just having no time pressures or the need to do anything expect enjoy each other’s company. 

Have you ever been to Centre Parcs?


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