Renovating our floorboards and feeling like proper adults…

A few weekends ago James and I decided to tackle our bedroom floor. When we first moved into our house all of the floors were carpeted with a horrible brick red/orange colour. It was truly horrible, and over the last eighteen months we have been working through each room, getting rid of the carpet along the way.  

Our original plan for the bedroom was so replace the carpet with a soft, light grey carpet. However, when we pulled up the carpet and underlay, we found underneath some really lovely floorboards. We are slowly moving towards a more minimalistic way of living and so we decided to completely re-do our bedroom with a Pinterest-worthy, minimal theme in mind. 

We emptied the bedroom, filled in all of the tiny gaps between the floorboards, sanded them down and painted them white. Then we had a huge clear out and only moved back in the pure essentials that we needed in the bedroom, donating and getting rid of anything that we no longer needed. 

I have been dipping in and out of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Chaging Magic Of Tidying book that I picked up a while ago, and it has really helped to shift my mindset into being a lot tidier and minimal. It was because of this book that I had a big clear out of my clothes and was able to Minimalise My Wardrobe a few months ago. This meant that we were able to get rid of our three door wardrobe, massive chest of draws and replace it with a clothes rail each and a few under-bed storage boxes. 

So all we have now is our bed, a bedside table each, a clothes rail each and my dressing table. I love how bight and airy it is. I find it so tranquil and peaceful getting ready for bed and going to sleep in such a clear space, and I find that I wake up a lot easier with more energy and productivity. 

I have also sorted through and de-cluttered my beauty stash, including all things makeup, skincare, hair care and body care. This is now all stored in an inbuilt shelving unit on the left of the chimneybreast in the bedroom, but I plan on writing a full breakdown and overview of this, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. 

I loved doing this DIY project on the bedroom, it was so much fun and we did it exactly how we wanted to whilst saving a whole lot of money along the way! I absolutely love the way the bedroom turned out, and I can’t wait to do more projects, working toward a tidier and more minimalistic way of living. 


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