Ever since I have been little, one of my most favourite things to do in life is travel. I love to explore new areas of the world whether it is experiencing other cultures over in Hong Kong, backpacking around Europe, exploring the many states of America or taking long walks in the Lake District. I absolutely love the thrill of experiencing new things and learning more about our beautiful world.

One of the main issues for me when it comes to traveling, which I am sure must be the same for a lot of other people, is that it can be very costly. If I had my way, I would travel and explore the world constantly, but unfortunately, like the majority, reality strikes and it’s back to work to save for the text trip away… 

There are a few things I have learnt to do over the last few years however, to get me out of the traveling blues, and I love to do these activities in order to feed my wanderlust addition whilst staying at home. 

Plan a Trip

I love to plan my travel adventures in advance. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a spontaneous trip away, like when James and I decided to fly to Bratislava for a three night stay just a few weeks before we went. However, for me, half of the fun of traveling is the planning, getting excited and enjoying the build up to the adventure. 

James and I have been toying with the idea of having an extended trip to America at some point, around six to eight weeks. A few things have happened recently which has allowed this dream to become a reality, and so next March we are flying out to New York and we are currently in the process of planning and organising our trip. To me this is so exciting as we get to research and plan our trip, feeding that wanderlust addition without actually traveling anywhere yet! 

I know it seems like a long way off, but even planning a few months or weeks ahead of your trip can help to feed that travel bug and get you excited for your next trip away. 

Read Travel Books

I love looking at and reading travel books. Before any trip away, I am guaranteed to have bought some sort of travel guide of the country, area or city that I am going to visit. I love absorbing as much information about the place I am traveling to before I go, and I find that having a travel book to read through is one of the best resources to use.

I like to check out what my local library has to offer in terms of travel books and if one catches my eye then I’ll pick up my own copy from Waterstones. I love having them sat on my bedside table on the build up to a trip, or just at any time of year, to help feed my wanderlust addiction. 

Get On Social Media

One of the best ways to feed a wanderlust addiction is to get on social media and start following travel blogs, Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards. I love to follow and read about travel bloggers and influences, not only to get inspiration, but also to make me feel excited and interested in traveling. 

I love reading World Of Wanderlust and have been following her for a couple of years on Bloglovin. She is a solo traveller that explores the world from top to bottom providing a great insight to the lifestyle of travel, with amazing tips and tricks. I also love Wish Wish Wish, who I follow on Instagram for a daily update of travel inspiration. 

Look Back On Photographs

Before I had my blog, I would always document my travel adventures in a scrapbook with lots of photographs and bits of memorabilia. I feel like my blog has become an area to share my adventures on, but there is something really nice about looking back on an adventure through a scrapbook or looking at photographs. I find that when I am getting a little frustrated with my wanderlust, looking back on past expeditions can create a great sense of adventure. 

How do you like to feed your wanderlust addition while you're not travelling? 


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