Hello and greetings from my fourth day at Glastonbury Festival 2017…

Glastonbury is well known for its fashion. It seems to be many celebrities’ festival of choice and for that reason, fashion and beauty takes a centre stage. I think that there is a slight pressure to dress very on trend and in high-fashion whilst you’re there, but at the end of the day, it is a festival, you will get muddy and sweaty and cold, and you will not have the room to fit 847653 different changes of clothes for your five day stay. 

So in light of this, I decided that instead of a last minute panic when it comes to packing my festival attire, and worrying the whole journey there whether I’ll look ‘cool’ enough, I put together a capsule wardrobe that is both festival themed-yet sensible – I know, I’m old before my years, I can’t help it!! So each of my bottoms go with each of my tops, I have universal items of clothing, yet I also feel prepared for all weather types, come what may. I also wanted to pack fairly light as they have a tighter security this year and we were warned in advance that queues would be mad. Be sure to have a read of my other Glastonbury Festival essentials including beauty and technology bits and bobs. 

I decided to pack two pairs of shorts, one denim pair and one cotton pair. The denim shorts are a classic fit that sits just above the hips with turn up bottoms that finish around the mid-thigh. These were from Primark and I thought that they would be a good staple as they go with a range of different tops. The cotton pair is a fun, bright, flowery pair that can sit comfortably on the waist and have more of a culottes style to them. I thought that these would be good as they are cotton and would keep me cool in the warmer weather, yet dry quickly if it does rain. 

When it comes to tops I have packed a couple of different styles so that I am covered for a range of different weather. I picked up this Mermaid swimsuit when I was in Edinburgh the other week with my mum on a girly weekend away. I thought that this would act great as a body under shorts whilst I am away at Glastonbury. I think it looks really cute and girly, but will be easy to layer up and keep me cool. I have also taken a simple striped tee from Topshop that is cropped with little capped sleeves. I thought this would be a good option if it is a little overcast and I want something to keep my shoulders a little warmer. The last top is this really cute black cotton cropped tank from H&M. I love the crocheted detail at the bottom that gives a hit of mid-drift yet still allows me to feel covered up.  

Another absolute staple is this super cute pink, flowery kimono that I bought from New Look years ago. This is a staple of mine every summer and it comes away with me on any sunny holiday. I think it is perfect to throw on over any summer outfit as it keeps me cool and covers my shoulders. 

I will also be taking one dress and one playsuit to switch things up a little bit. I really love this cute little black dress with pink roses that I bought from Primark last year. This also goes with the pink New Look kimono, just like the pale blue playsuit with pretty blue and pink flowers. I think that these are really cute and girly - perfect festival attire. 

As well as this festival capsule wardrobe, I will also be taking with me over the knee socks to wear with my willies, ponchos, a hoodie, nightwear and some tights. I have also filmed a video for my YouTube channel featuring all of these clothes so be sure to have a watch if you want to find out about each item in more detail. 

Are you going to any festivals this year?
What would be in your festival capsule wardrobe?


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