A two in one cleanser, perfect for those that want to make getting ready for bed a little quicker… 

I have recently been using the Dr Botanicals Cleanse & Tone as a part of my everyday skincare routine and I have been really impressed with the results so far. This little product allows you to cleanse and tone your skin easily and effectively in just one step, meaning that the whole night-time skincare routine can be completed that little bit quicker…

Dr Botanicals

Dr Botanicals is quickly becoming one of my favourite skincare brands, and this has only been reinforced by the new Cleanse & Tone. They are a lovely company that ensure all of their products are one hundred percent natural and vegan friendly. None of their products are tested on animals and they are strong believers in the power of botanicals, meaning that a lot of their products are plant based.

I have tried a couple of their products now, including a beautiful rose moisturiser and a facial serum, both of which have become a part of my daily and bi-weekly skincare routines. I love knowing that these products are naturally sourced and not full of chemicals, and I can really tell the difference in the quality of the products. 

Product Information 

The Dr Botanicals Cleanse & Tone is a two in one cleansing product, meaning that you can save time when cleansing your face at the end of the day. It has a mixture of essential oils that promote hydration of the skin, but also help to wipe away impurities and dirt left on the skin throughout the day. 

The product has three main active ingredients including elderflower extract, peppermint and eucalyptus oil and aloe vera, which aim to moisturise and brighten the complexion, as well as leaving it hydrated, soothed and fully prepped for the rest of your evening skincare routine. 

This cleanser is suitable for all skin types and Dr Botanicals have kindly given my readers the discount code, MADOLYN3, which makes the product just £19.99. 

Initial Thoughts 

When it comes to taking off my make up, I usually use an eye makeup remover, a cleanser and a toner. So, when Dr Botanicals introduced me to the two in one Cleanse & Tone I felt as though this would revolutionise my evening skincare routine. 

I think that this is a brilliant cleanser but I feel as though I will get the most use out of it during the summer months. This is because I tend to wear a lot less makeup when it is warmer: think concealers and powders, rather than primers and foundations. 

Over the last weekend I was at the races and I also went to a family wedding. I noticed that on these days, when I wore more make up, I felt the need to use a separate toner after using this two in one cleanser, just to ensure that all of my makeup was taken off. I also used my separate eye makeup remover as I had heavier eye makeup to take off and didn’t feel as though the Cleanse & Tone was enough. 

However, on a day-to-day basis when I have just concealer, powder, a bit of eye shadow, mascara and brow product to remove, this Cleanse & Tone is a dream. It is so good at taking away all makeup and residue off the skin and I am left feeling very cleansed and soft due to the elderflower extract. I have loved using this product as a part of my daily night-time regime, and I know that it will be a solid favourite of mine this summer, and for days when I wear minimal and natural makeup. 

Have you tried anything from Dr Botanicals?
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