Recently, I have been drawn into the concept of minimalism and living life with a minimal inspired influence. A few weeks ago James and I redecorated our bedroom, and before moving everything back we had a serious clear out. One aspect that I really needed to work on de-cluttering my beauty and make up collection because I had far too much. 

I wanted to show how I de-cluttered and re-organised my beauty stash as I found it a very cleansing activity. It can seem as though I have a lot of products but being a beauty blogger, I think that I have probably more beauty products that the average person. Not only am I a huge fan of beauty products, but I am often gifted items from brands to try and review, so it became quite a time consuming and lengthy process…


I started my process by moving everything into the living room, and I mean EVERYTHING. I grabbed all of my beauty products, bath products, makeup and everything in-between. It was kind of embarrassing about the quantity of products that I actually owned. There was that much stuff to go through so I made a strong coffee, sat in the middle of everything and just started to pick up products. 

I decided that the easiest thing to do first was to sort everything into three separate piles: keep, throw away and donate. I though that it was best to set myself some rules before diving in head first, and so I came up with a couple of guidelines to help me decide which pile each product belonged in. 

Firstly, I looked at the date or how long I had had the product for. If it was out of date it went straight in the bin. Secondly, I looked at necessity. I questioned every single product and asked myself whether or not I actually needed it. I was trying to adopt the things I have learnt from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and really think about whether I would use this product or not. If I decided that I did want the product I put it into the keep pile. The final guideline that I applied was that if it wasn’t out of date or I didn’t need it, could I give it away to friends and family, if not then it went in the bin. 

This was as long and tedious a task as it sounds, but having coffee on tap and RuPaul’s Drag Race on in the background, I felt a huge sense of achievement once I had completely de-cluttered my beauty stash. Now all that was left to do was to organise it…


When it came to moving all of my beauty products back into my newly decorated bedroom I decided to limit myself to two designated areas. I have a beautiful white dressing table, which I decided to keep all of my make up in, and an alcove with some shelves that would play host to everything else. 

My dressing table has two little draws on the surface and a pull out draw underneath that has three separate compartments. I wanted to keep the surface looking as minimalistic as possible, so I organised all of my makeup brushes into little pots, kept a few pretty things on show, and put all of my everyday make up products into the two little draws. All other makeup is now stored away in the underneath draws and sorted into categories such as lips, cheeks, base and eyes. 

When it came to all of my other beauty products I decided to split them up and group them into different sections such as hair, fake tan, face, body, face masks etc. I then kept a section free for my current everyday or weekly products so that they were all to hand and in one place.

I use to have a monthly subscription to Glossy box and thankfully kept a large amount, which ended up being perfect little beauty storage containers. So I put different groups of products into either a base or a lid of a Glossy Box, which really helps to keep everything tidy and easy to get too. 

What do you think about the minimalist approach to de-cluttering?


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