Today I am absolutely filled to the brim with excitement because James and I are driving down to Glastonbury this evening! We are both huge fans of music, camping and all things to do with festivals, so this weekend promises to be such a treat! We are meeting some friends who drove down yesterday so I can’t wait to get there, crack open a cider and let the weekend begin. I thought I’d write a post and share what I’ll be taking along with me, which ranges from cameras to hand sanitiser, ponchos to sun cream. 


I think that when it comes to festivals, technology can often fall to the back of people’s minds as there are no plugs and Wi-Fi in the middle of a muddy field… However, I often take a few key pieces away with me whenever I go camping. My camera is key for a start. As a blogger, I think that photography and taking that ‘perfect shot’ is always present, no matter what I am doing, and being at a festival is no different. In fact, there are always loads of photo opportunities to be had when being outdoors and spending time with friends. Something small is usually ideal and when looking for the best compact camera Panasonic have some fantastic products available.

I will also be taking my phone away with me to allow me to meet up with friends, occasionally update social media and let my mum know that I’m ok! So portable phone chargers and cables are also a must have Glastonbury essential. Even if you don’t take your phone or on the off chance you do run out of battery, it’s probably best to also have something with you that allows you to tell the time. Festivals often stick to strict time limits when it comes to bands and you don’t want to miss any that you’re really excited to see!


One thing to remember when it comes to beauty products at a festival is that you cannot take in any glass. Forget perfume bottles, glass bottled skincare or even foundation, be sure to make sure that everything you take is in a plastic container. I usually take my everyday makeup, moisturiser and skincare, with a few extra things thrown into the mix.

One thing I can’t live without at festivals is wipes. I pack hand wipes for while I’m walking around, face wipes to wash my face morning and night, and deodorant wipes to give my body a all over fresh feel. This year, I will also be packing some body wash and shampoo as I plan to have a shower with the forecast looking so nice - nobody wants that stale-sweat stench following them around!

I will also be taking sun protection as the weather promises to be a lot sunnier than last year. I have packed my 50 SPF Lypsl* so that I don’t get chapped lips, the Benefit Dream Screen which is a facial sun cream with an SPF of 45 and the 50 SPF sun cream from the Hawaiian Tropic Range for my body. I really want to protect myself from sunstroke and red lobster body is always a bit of a turn off! 


When it comes to festival fashion, especially Glastonbury Festival fashion, it is sometimes hard to think logically, knowing that people will be there dressed-to-impressed. At the risk of sounding like a grandma, it is important to remember that you may look cool in those few photographs that you come home with, but you have to be prepared for all weather types.

I would recommend packing staples that will keep you warm/cool that you also feel confident and comfortable in. I have a Glastonbury Festival Capsule Wardrobe post and YouTube Video going live on Sunday so be sure to pop back to find out what I am taking away with me. But regardless of cute tops, shorts and dresses, I will also be fashioning; ponchos, which I got dead cheap from Home Bargains, tights, I love these nude illusion tights* from charnos that are perfect if you don’t fancy getting your legs out, knee high socks and a hoodie, hat and scarf.


As I am going to Glastonbury Festival, I will also need to take along with me some camping equipment. We plan on traveling very light so I will be taking; a tent, sleeping bag, ground mat, camping chair and a sensible bag to put all of my clothes, toiletries and tech bits and bobs in.

We will also be taking food and alcohol along with us. Glastonbury is pretty cool because you can walk around the entire festival with your booze, the only restriction being that again, there is no glass permitted on sight. I have bought a couple of boxes of tinned cider that were on offer in Morrison’s, but most supermarkets have one deal or anther when it comes to this time of year. Food wise, I plan on taking a few snack-y bits to keep me going throughout the day, but I am really excited to try some of Glastonbury’s amazing food stalls they have on offer this year.

Are you going to any festivals this year?
What are your festival essentials?


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