A few weeks ago James and I drove to the Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs to stay with my family for the last few days of their holiday. It was a very short and sweet stay, but we had such a lovely time relaxing and enjoying some time together.

I knew before we drove down that I wanted to use this time away to have a break from technology. It is crazy when I think about it, at just how much we as a society depend on technology for just about everything. Weather it’s the tv, our laptops, iPads, computers at work, phones, social media, cameras and that’s just on a basic level. As a blogger, I feel like I potentially use more technology and update social media more than the average person. Therefore, I wanted to take this opportunity to have a few days to break away from this.

So I made sure that I planned and scheduled all of my blog posts in advance, as well as scheduling social media updates, so that I could really enjoy the 48 hours that we had away with my family. I didn’t want to worry about having to take or edit any photographs, or be writing and planning any content whilst I was away. So I got really organised and made sure everything was sorted before going away.

We had a lovely stay at Centre Parcs and it was so nice to enjoy a meal out, a spa break with my mum, a BBQ outside and lots of walks around the complex, without the need to document anything. I loved just enjoying living in the moment, without that voice in the back of my head telling me that I need to plan, organise, write or reply to any emails.

I think that this is a really important activity to do every so often as I really felt as though my head was more clear and focused when I came back home. I want to take a break from technology more often, even if it is just turning my phone off for a few hours or so whilst I read my book, go for a walk or just soak in the bath. 

What are your thoughts about taking time away from technology?


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