Although I am a huge lover of all things beauty, when it comes to my smile I tend to forget. I quite like my teeth and although I wouldn’t describe them as yellow, I do drink a lot of tea and coffee through out the day, and know that they could be whiter. I have tried a couple of different toothpastes lately that are designed to whiten the teeth, the Beverly Hills Formula Charcoal Toothpaste being the most recent. But I decided that I would try out a specific whitening product and opted for the Instant Whites Seven Day Whitening System*.

Instant Whites promotes their simple and easy to use teeth-whitening product as something that can make your teeth appear up to nine shades lighter. I tried their Seven Day Whitening System and have been very impressed with the results. The whitening wands come in a plastic compact case with one for everyday of the treatment. It is so simple to use, you literally push the wand in the solution and rub the sponge tip onto each tooth, spending about 10 seconds on each. 

Once the solution has been applied to each tooth, the mouth is to be rinsed with warm water, providing an instant whitening effect on the teeth. I have found this teeth whitening treatment so simple and easy to use. Although I didn’t feel as though my teeth had any particular discoloration, I can notice a difference in the appearance of my teeth, as they look a lot brighter and cleaner.

Instant Whites Seven Day Whitening System is avaliable here

Have you ever tried a teeth-whitening product?


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