12 Cities 12 Months | A Six Month Overview & Future Travel Plans

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  • Monday, 31 July 2017

At the beginning of the year I decided to set myself a challenge to visit twelve different cities within twelve months and document it here on Madolyn Thinks. As we are now half way through 2017 I thought I would use this opportunity to reflect on the previous six months of travel and share what travel plans I have for the rest of the year. 

A Six-Month Overview

In January I took a trip to a city close to home, Leeds. Leeds is a very up and coming city with a lot to offer, it has a great music scene and so many amazing eateries. In February I headed over to explore the city of Sheffield with James and my brother. We had a great time discovering some amazing vintage shops and drinking some of the best coffee. London was the next city I visited in March, which involved attending BlogConLND as well as being a tourist in Camden. 

In April James and I flew over to Prague with some friends and we spend just short of a week in this beautiful and historic city. We had such an amazing time discovering what Prague had to offer and I enjoyed every minute. We took a family trip to Centre Parcs in May and had a great time just switching off from technology and appreciating being in and around a beautiful, nature filled area. In June my mum and I went to Edinburgh for a girly shopping weekend away. We had a lovely time exploring the city, eating great food and being tourists in the historical city. 

Future Travel Plans

When it comes to the rest of the year, I have a few more travel plans to see me through to 2018 in which James and I are planning a huge road trip around he USA. I haven’t been able to travel this month but in August James and I are thinking that we will go camping somewhere. I really fancy either driving over to Wales or heading over to the Lake District, pitching a tent and going for a few walks, pub lunches and BBQs. In September I am staying in London for Fashion Week and I want to explore more of our capital in amongst attending shows and events. 

In October, we are having another family holiday with my parents and we are going to Cyprus for a week in the sun. We thought it would be a nice time to go, as it will be out of season so a little less busy, and to also have one last hit of sunshine before winter comes and the countdown to Christmas begins. In November we have an overnight stay in Manchester planned and come December I want to go to a different city to get some Christmas shopping done and I have heard that Newcastle is a great place for that. 

Have you got any travel plans for the rest of the year?


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Monthly Favourites | July 2017

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  • Sunday, 30 July 2017

I still can’t get over the fact that we are heading into the start of August this week, has the summer weather been and gone already?! I swear we had a bit of sunshine at the start of the month, but now it just seems to be a constant grey sky with the odd down pour… Hopefully August will bring us a bit more sunshine. But before the new month begins I wanted to share a few bits and bobs that I have been loving over the past few weeks.


My first beauty favourite of the month has been the Mandelic Acid Cleaning Mousse by Shills. This is a lovely and gentle cleanser that I have been using first thing on a morning to really freshen up my skin and wake me up. It is suitable for all skin types, and the liquid cleanser is pumped out of an exfoliating pump that transforms the product into a soft foam and I have loved using it. 

I have also loved the new fake tan release from Sunkissed Bronze Professionals, Rapid Tan & Tone. This is a beautiful product that allows you to personalise your finished look as the tan develops further, the longer you leave it on your body before washing it off. You can read my full review here but it is a streak free, coconut smelling, and long wearing, perfect for summer. 

The last July beauty favourite of mine has been the Newtons Foot Therapy Anti-Bacterial Polishing Foot Scrub. This is a lovely summer companion as it gently exfoliates any hard or dry skin on the feet leaving them feeling amazingly soft and smooth, ideal for sandals and flip-flops.  


Moving onto my monthly lifestyle favourites, I have absolutely loved wearing these Primark heeled sliders. I bought these a few weeks ago for just £10 and they have become a real summer staple of mine. They have already featured in my Primark Haul YouTube video and The Perfect Summer Outfit on the blog. They just seem to go with everything and I find them so flattering and they give me the perfect amount of height. 

Although Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying featured in my July Recent Reads post, this has been such a favourite of mine over the last few weeks. I have finally read it cover to cover and have begun to apply a lot of Kondo’s tips and tricks for tidying my home and keeping it tidy. I feel like it has changed my outlook on things and it has been a very inspirational read for me. 

My final July monthly favourite has been USA Travel Books. James and I are planning a road trip around the states early next year and I have been obsessed with finding out as much information as possible. I borrowed a bag full of books from the library trying to get some inspiration for our trip. We have planned and booked a few bits already and I am so excited to get more sorted over the next few weeks. 

What are your July monthly favourites?


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July Reacent Reads & A Summer Wardrobe Staple

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  • Friday, 28 July 2017

Over the last few weeks I have read a few different types of books, which have provided various insights and inspiration. Although I am a huge lover of fiction and fantasy, sometimes I think it good to read a variation of books, to try new things and get different ideas. I have also been trying to work through my ‘to read’ pile, which has felt so refreshing and productive. 

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying | Marie Kondo

I bought this book a while ago and have mentioned it a few times previously on Madolyn Thinks. I tended to just dip in and out of it however and tried to apply some of the ideas along the way. But I finally ploughed through to the end of the book this month, which was brilliant. It is a guide on how to perfectly tidy your house in a way that will ensure that it remains tidy. It follows similar ideas to capsule wardrobes and minimalism, which have been very popular lately. It has provided me with so much inspiration; to the point that once I had finished it I ended up sorting through my wardrobe straight away. It has really changed my outlook on materialism and only keeping things that I need rather than clutter for clutters sake and I would recommend this book to anyone after an inspirational read. 

Doris Lessing | The Grass Is Singing

The Grass is Singing was July’s pick for the monthly Book Club that I attend. It was a short read that explored the farming culture in Africa after world war two. It followed the story of a married couple struggling with the harsh realities of the farming world and their relationships with the native people. It provided a huge insight in to the ideology of white supremacy and the daily struggles that everyone within the society faced. It was a real eye opener that kept me thinking and really inspired me to find out more. Although quite a gritty read with lots of harsh themes, it was very interesting and has made me want to read more about this time in history. 

USA Travel Guide | The Lonely Planet 

James and I are in the middle of planning a big American Road Trip for early next year and so I borrowed a load of USA travel guides from the library for some inspiration. I loved the Lonely Planet’s USA one as it provided lots of insight into some of the best cities in America. It also has some amazing advice about planning a trip, where to stay, how to budget and what sort of transport to take to each place. It really helped me to focus on places to visit and the logistics of out trip, as well as providing lots of excitement about going away!

A Moveable Feast | Earnest Hemmingway

In the New Year I decided that I wanted to read more classics and since I have never read an Earnest Hemmingway novel before, I thought that it was about time that I did.  A Moveable Feast is focused around Hemmingway’s time spent living in the city of Paris as a young writer, living with his wife. It is written in a diary style in which Hemmingway shares various stories of the places he visited and the people he met. I have to say that I haven’t found this the most thrilling of stories and I found that I was reading it so that I could finish it, rather then because I felt really captivated by the book. That isn’t to say that I dis-liked it, more that I thought it was going to be better than it was. 

Enough | John Naish

I have been reading a lot lately about minimalism, reducing materialist things, capsule wardrobes, saving money and how to apply these ideas to everyday life. Enough is all about how to accept that we have enough in life and we don’t need to strive for more. It explores the increase in the manipulation of the media, food and lots of other themes, all of which have left us with the need for more. Naish discusses how we in the Western world actually have too much and that we need to learn to say enough. It is a really interesting and insightful read that I was unable to put down. 

Also, what do you think about my new floral dress? I think it is the perfect summer time day dress from Tobi; it is so comfortable and easy to wear. I love the thin spaghetti straps, cross over front and gathered waistband, which I find so flattering. 

What have you been reading lately?


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Bloggers Spotlight | Some Of My Favourite Posts From The Last Month

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  • Thursday, 27 July 2017

From Roses | Why No One Is That Great At Adulting | Link

I have been reading Rebecca’s blog From Roses for a couple of years now. I love her informative yet chatty style of writing. She writes about a range a beauty, fashion and lifestyle products, and her photography skills are seriously on point. I loved reading this post by Rebecca as I feel that it is a subject that a lot of people can relate to. The idea that you should have your life in order, but in reality, a lot of people don’t. It does sometimes feel like we have a huge amount of pressure put onto our shoulders to achieve ‘X Y & Z’ and it was a refreshing and eye opening post to read and realise that not everyone feels on top of their A-game all of the time. 

In The Frow | How Do You Know When You’re Engaged | Link

I love reading all of Victoria’s posts. She is an absolute Girl Boss that is taking the blogging world by storm. Again, her photography is always so on point and her travel diaries are incredible, if you are in need of some wanderlust inspiration, be sure to check her out. I found the title of this post really intriguing and reading it gave me a lot of food for thought. It is a chatty post about knowing when you’re engaged, does it really only count once someone has got down on one knee and a ring has been produced. I have been with James for years, we know we want to get married and we have even discussed our wedding day. Victoria explores the idea that nothing has to be ‘traditional’ anymore, and everyone can have whatever relationship they want without the pressure of labels and stereotypes. 

Hannah Gale – Our California Road Trip Itinerary | Link

I have been reading Hannah’s witty, honest and one hundred percent relatable blog for a while now and I really look forward to reading her blog posts. James and I are in the middle of planning a huge America road trip for early next year, and in true blogger style, Hannah has documented her recent California Road Trip beautifully. She has provided lots of tips and a great insight to the planning of their trip, where they stayed and what they ate, accompanied with Pinterest-worthy photographs. It gave me some real travel inspiration and after reading the post I am now so excited to plan more of my trip. 

The Elle Next Door | 7 Blogging Essentials I Can’t Do Without | Link

I first started following Ellie on YouTube and fell in love with her chatty, informal videos. I was quick to begin following her on instagram, which is perfect for any beauty, fashion, London and Harry Potter lover. I loved reading this blog post by Ellie, which is a list of blogging essentials. This post has some great advice for any blogger on the go as it acts as a bit of a checklist when working out what you need to take with you. Ellie’s relaxing style of writing makes you feel as though a friend is reaching out to you and her blog is a pleasure to read. 

The Little Plumb | Musings on Accepting My Body And Not Always Being Positive | Link

I have only just started following Chloe but she is fast becoming one of my favourite bloggers at the moment. Chloe comes across so real and relatable and I love watching her Insta stories. As I am only 5ft 1, Chloe’s style is perfect for any fellow petit lady looking for fashion inspiration. The Little Plumb is a mixture of fashion and lifestyle posts, which are perfectly relatable. Chloe chats about real issues and concerns that I think a lot of people can appreciate and it is nice to know that you are not always alone in having these thoughts and feelings. This particular blog post of hers really spoke out to me and made me realise that we shouldn’t get so hung up on what our bodies look like, and the feeling of being confident and happy in our own bodies is something we should embrace. 

Have you ready any blog posts lately that really inspired or reached out to you?


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Beauty Products To Get My Feet Summer Ready

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  • Monday, 24 July 2017

When the weather gets warmer, not only do I like to shop for summer clothes, have a read of my Primark Summer Haul, fake tan my body from head to toe, have a read of my tanning top tips, and drink copious amounts of iced tea, I also like to make sure that my feet are looking on point, ready for sandals and flip flops. After living in socks and trainers since about Sept last year, when it comes to trying on and picking out summer footwear, I want to make sure that my feet are looking healthy, fresh and ready for summer.


When it comes to prepping my feet to get them ready to face the general public, I like to just add a couple of extra steps to my pamper night routine. Before anything else I like to take off any existing nail varnish with some remover and a cotton pad. I then trim my toe nails making sure that they go straight across, not curved like fingernails, to reduce the chance of hang nails etc. – ‘ain’t nobody got time for that!’

I then like to soak my feet in warm water before applying any products to them. As I said, when I decide to give myself a foot pamper, I just make it a part of my usual pamper routine in which I usually run myself a hot bath. After a while of having my feet soaking in the tub, I then get started with my pamper products. 

Pamper Products 

One of the first products I like to use the Chiropody Sponge* from the Newtons Foot Therapy range. This is a great product to remove any hard skin on the bottom of the feet. Even after just one use, I could tell a major difference in the softness of my feet. I apply some of the Soap & Glory Orange Crush body wash on to the sponge and gently rub it onto the bottom of my feet. 

I also use the Anti-Bacterial Polishing Foot Scrub*, again from the Newtons Foot Therapy range. This is available in 150ml bottle and it really gently and effectively smooths away dry, rough skin. It contains a natural pumice that is ideal for exfoliation, as well as spearmint and tea tree, which is both anti-bacterial and cooling on the feet. I like to massage this for a few minutes onto each foot so that it feels like a mini-spa treatment. 

The last product in this pampering routine is the Charcoal Deodorant Foot Cream*, which has been newly released and is available in 100ml bottles. This moisturiser is not only anti-bacterial, but it also provides twenty-four hours of hydration and contains activated charcoal, which eliminates foot odour – pretty sweet right? It leaves my feel feeing really nourished, soft and hydrated which is ideal for the summer months 

The Newtons Foot Therapy range is available at Savers and starts from just £1, which is super affordable, especially considering the quality of the products. 

Fishing Touches

Once my feet are fully prepped, pampered and feeling silky soft again, there is just one last step before they are summer and sandal ready. When it comes to the warmer months I prefer to apply much brighter nail varnishes to my toenails. I love these gorgeous berry shades and think that they compliment anyone’s feet, especially during summer.

How do you like to get your feet summer ready?


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My Top Picks from The Primark 2017 Summer Collection | The Perfect Summer Outift

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  • Sunday, 23 July 2017

Primark have nailed this season just as perfectly as the ones before, if not more so. I popped into my local store a few weeks ago and was blown away by the quality, range and amazing products on offer. I swear I had only nipped in to exchange a simple pair of black skinny jeans, but as per usual I left with a heavy bag and a (slightly) lighter bank balance. So, in true blogger style, I decided to film and write a Primark Haul video and blog post, ready for your perusal.

Primark Summer Collection 2017 

I have filmed a video in which I talk through my entire haul so be sure to have a watch to find out more about each item. Products featured include:

Black & White Gingham Top | £6
Black Skinny Jeans | £9
Floral Playsuit | £13
Satin Floral PJs | £10
Mermaid Life Swimsuit | £4
Heeled Sliders | £10
Lavender & Sea Salt Candle | £3
Inflatable Donut Ring | £5

The Perfect Summer Outfit 

Two of my favourite picks from my haul are the floral playsuit dress and the heeled sliders. I love the summery combination of the two items and I think that I will get so much wear out of this pairing. 

I love the design of the playsuit and it is perfect for me, as I can sometimes get a little self-conscious if I wear something that shows a lot of leg. I think that this garment has a very modest feel to it, yet it still feels very glamorous and summery. As it is made of cotton it is ideal for warmer weather, as it will remain cool even when it is really hot. I am planning on taking it away with me on holiday, as it will make the perfect evening outfit when we go out for dinner.

I can’t get over the fact that it was just £13, I think that it looks like it should be worth a lot more. I feel like a festival princess when I have it on and I think that it has a very flattering cut. I love the femininity of the neckline and it is perfect the way that it gathers in at the waist. 

I really love the way that this dress looks with these heeled sliders as well. As I am only short, I need a bit of height so that this garment doesn’t trail on the floor, and these shoes are the perfect pick. I love the soft purple colour of these shoes, which I think that it is a really versatile colour that will go with so much more of my wardrobe. They are the ideal shoe for summer and I love that they are a little dressy yet comfortable. They will also work really well with black skinny jeans, as well as other skirts and dresses, and I am sure that I will get a lot of wear out of them over the next few months. 

Have you picked up any bargains from Primark lately?


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Eight Fashion & Beauty Books Currently On My Shopping List

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  • Friday, 21 July 2017

I would say that beauty products, books and clothes are my favourite things to buy and I can spend hours wondering around Waterstones, Topshop and Space NK alike. So when it comes to books all about beauty and fashion, I just can’t control myself! 

I feel like there are so many beauty, fashion and lifestyle books on the shelves at the moment that I am dying to get my hands on. I love to read about beauty, and although there are some amazing bloggers that I follow online, sometimes it is nice to have a book to flick through on a Sunday afternoon with a hot cup of coffee. I also love to read books on fashion, and I have been loving this current craze all about capsule wardrobes and minimalism I have just finished reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying from cover to cover, and I feel so inspired to streamline my wardrobe, beauty stash and life in general. 

I was wondering around my local Waterstones the other day when I had a quick half hour to kill and found some amazing books that I think would be fantastic reads. Keep reading to find out what’s on my beauty and fashion book reading/shopping/wish list…

The Curated Closet: Discover Your Personal Style and Build Your Dream Wardrobe | Anuschka Rees  | Link

This is a great read for those wanting to change their wardrobe and discover their own personal style. Rees provides checklists and ideas within her book that allow you to create a wardrobe that is tailored to your style and lifestyle.

Capture Your Style | Aimee Song | Link

This book is ideal for any social media lover that is aspiring to increase their following and improve their content. Aimee Song has created this book to share her knowledge of a successful Instagram account, and has divided it into lots of different categories such as beauty and fashion. 

The Happy Closet | Annmarie O’Connor | Link

This is a book at will help you to minimize your wardrobe and workout, which clothes work perfectly for you, so that you no longer say ‘I have nothing to wear’. Not only is it a book to change your wardrobe, but Annmarie also wants it to help to change your attitude and allow your mind to be equally as clutter free. 

Pretty Honest | Sali Hughes | Link

This is the perfect read for any beauty and makeup lover. The book is divided into many sections, each exploring different types of makeup and beauty products. Sali provides her opinion on each topic which is both informative yet down to earth and perfectly relatable. 

Pretty Iconic: A personal Look At The Beauty Products That Changed The World | Sali Hughes | Link

In this book, Sali Hughes looks at beauty products through the ages, picking out some of the most iconic makeup and skincare pieces ranging from Chanel No5 to current beauty products by Nars and Charlotte Tilbury. It is a glance at the history of the beauty industry and why certain products have, and will, stand the test of time. 

Face | Pixiwoo | Link

This is another beauty and makeup book, written by YouTubers Sam & Nic that started their channel in order to share their skills in all things makeup. After the success of their Real Techniques makeup brushes, the ladies have created a book with all of their top tips and tricks. Complete with pictures and how to guides. 

How To Pack: Travel Smart For Any Trip | Hitha Palepu | Link

This is a great book, ideal for anyone wanting to pack for a trip in a controlled and organised way. Written by the fashion blogger Hitha Palepu, this is a great read for any traveler, and the book is divided into different types of travel from weekend breaks, to city escapes, business trips to long and extended holidays. There is also a handy little set of checklists at the back that can be used for your own trips away. 

The Capsule Wardrobe: 1,000 Pieces From 30 Pieces | Wendy Mak | Link

This is another book, which focuses on the art of de-cluttering and minimising your wardrobe. As the title suggests, it will enable you to reduce your wardrobe to thirty pieces including tops, bottoms, footwear and accessories.  

What is on your fashion and beauty book shopping/wish list?


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Part of this post was originally written by Madolyn Blackburn for i the stylist
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My Go To Festival Makeup Look & Favourite Festival Beauty Trends

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  • Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Festival season is well and truly upon us, and although I have just about got over my Glastonbury blues, I am excited to see what else is in-store for the summer months. I am a huge lover of music and love to attend festivals whether it is a day event or a weekend in a tent. So I thought that I would throw together my typical festival makeup go-to look. 

Festival Makeup Picks

When I go to festivals, again whether it is a day event or a weekend away, I like to keep my makeup fairly simple and low maintenance. I feel that if I apply a light and natural base, I can either keep my makeup looking fresh with little or no top ups needed, or I can easily add to the look using glitter, transfers or by styling my hair. 

So to begin I used the Exuviance Day Cream with 30 SPF, which is important because even if the sun isn’t shinning, you can still get sun damage from being outside all day. I then applied a light layer of Nars Sheer Glow foundation all over my face. I think this is a great festival base as it is full coverage and doesn’t budge so I can apply it on a morning and know that I am sorted for the rest of the day. 

I then applied Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer for an all over sun-kissed glow, Nars Orgasm Blush for a natural flush of pink on the cheeks, and the Mac Mineralise Skin Finish in Lighscapade on my temples, forehead, the bridge of my nose and my chin, for a soft and subtle glow. For my brows I used my trusty Brow-zings kit by Benefit to create a fuller yet natural look, which is again simple and very low maintenance. 

When it comes to my eyes I used a soft, light base from the No7 Stay Perfected eyeshadow range that I got in my Christmas advent Calendar last year. I then used a darker colour from the same range, in the crease of my lids to create a little definition. I finished off the eyes with a flick of Benefit’s Push Up Liner and lashings of Soap & Glory’s Thick & Fast Lash Mascara. 

To complete the simple, low maintenance look, I applied one of the NYX Matte Lip Colours. I love the shade Cannes and because it lasts forever it hardly needs to be topped up throughout the day, which is ideal for a festival environment. 

 Favourite Makeup Trends

I think that once you have a good base of makeup that is pretty natural and low key, it is much easier to apply some festival beauty trends to complete your look. After attending Glastonbury a few weeks ago, I have seen and been inspired by lots of different looks, here are a few of my favourites; 

Transfer Tattoos  - I am in love with the metallic glittery transfer tattoos that seem to be leading the way, and they are a fantastic addition to any festival outfit. 

Glitter Eyes – This is potentially considered a ‘typical’ or ‘cliché’ festival beauty trends, but I love the ‘C’ shape of glitter starting just above the brow and finishing just below the eye at the top of the cheekbone. It looks really cute and is a great way to transform a summer outfit into a festival ready look. 

Mermaid Colour Scheme – It is this beautiful pink, blue, purple and silver colour pallet that is so universal and can be applied to hair, nails, makeup, jewellery and fashion.  

Space Buns - Not only is the Space Bun hair style extremely practical during the summer months or at a festival as it keeps your hair off your face and out of the way, but it also one of the most popular ways of styling your hair whilst at a festival. 

Bright Nails - Anything goes when it comes to festival nails, but it looks really cute to wear the brightest of the brightest nail varnishes to finish off your festival look. Not only is it really summery, but it is really fun and universal too. 

What are your favourite festival beauty trends?


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Part of this post was originally written by Madolyn Blackburn and published on The Closet
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Taking Some Time For Yourself | Current Favourite Bath Products

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  • Sunday, 16 July 2017

If you have followed my blog for a while, or follow me on Instagram, you will no doubt already be aware of my huge love of baths. I love nothing more than taking some time for myself and just enjoying a good ol’ pamper session. I’d say that I have a bath at least once a week, and I love to make it a really relaxing experience. 

I usually plan my bath sessions when James is out of the house, just to add to the tranquillity and enjoyment of having some time to myself. I make sure that I make the water really hot, light lots of candles and either use it as an opportunity to read my book or catch up on whichever Netflix series I am currently binging on.

So, I thought that I would share with you a couple of products that I have loved using in the bath of late, because it seems to have been a while since I have written about my current bath favourites. Be prepared for a lot of pamper products, facemasks and Lush goodies, because we all know that they do the best bath products, right? 

Face Products 

One of the first things that I do as soon as I get in the bath is take off my makeup and I love using the Oskia Rennacience Cleansing Gel. Whenever I use this beautiful cleanser I feel as though I have had a spa treatment and so I like to save this for pamper nights. I then like to exfoliate with the Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask, which feels incredible on the skin. I feel like it rejuvenates my skin, and it is great at soothing and exfoliating blemished skin. 

I love any excuse to use a facemask, and whilst I’m happily relaxing in the bath it feels like as good a reason as any. I have really enjoyed using the charcoal peel of masks from Masque Bar. I received these in the goodie bag I got from the Bloggers Suite I attended a few weeks ago that you can read more about here. After this, I generally won’t touch my face until I’m out of the bath, allowing my skin to breathe and embrace the benefits from the other products. Once I’m out however, I like to use some sort of hydrating mask whilst I apply various creams and oils to my body. I have loved using the Oskia Rennacience Mask lately, which again feels like a spa treatment in a tub, and leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth and hydrated. 

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel | £29.50 | Link

Cup O' Coffee Fase Mask | £6.95 | Link 

Masque Bar Charcoal Face Mask | £9.99 | Link

Oskia Renaissance Mask | £49.50 | Link  

Body Products 

Moving on to body products, I have been using the Lady bird bubble bar from Lush the last few times I have had a bath, which smells amazing, creates loads of bubbles and makes a lovely pink colour. I also really love to use some sort of Lush bath bomb. I love these because you can get so many uses out of one product because they are so big! Another Lush favourite is the Snow Fairy shower gel. It’s a limited edition Christmas product so I like to save it for pamper sessions to make it last a bit longer. 

I picked up the Scrubee exfoliating moisture bar a few months ago, you can see what else I picked up in my Lush Haul here, but I have only been using it over the last few weeks. I’m not sure what took me so long to start using it, but it is a dream of a product that leaves my skin feeling plumb, hydrated and moisturised as well as extremely soft. I also like to give my hair a little TLC from time to time, so if I am planning on washing my hair, I love to use the Natural World Charcoal Hair Mask, and leave it to do its thing whilst I soak in the bubbles.

Scrubee | Link | £6.95

Snow Fairy | Limited Edition | Similar

Lady Bird Bubble Bar | Limited Edition | Similar

Bath Bomb | Limited Edition | Similar 

Natural World Hair Mask | £4 | Link

I also filmed a Day In The Life Of A Part Time Blogger for my YouTube channel, and I also talk through my favourite bath products in a bit more detail, so be sure to have a watch of that.

What are you favourite bath beauty products?


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Brand Focus | Celebrating 20 Years Of Dead Sea Mud Masks With 7th Heaven

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  • Friday, 14 July 2017

I have been a huge fan of 7th Heaven Face Masks for years. I think that the brand is so on point and has an amazing range of products available for all different skin types. I love nothing more than a good ol’ pamper session and facemasks are always a key ingredient when it comes to pamper products. 

This year, 7th Heaven is celebrating their 20th anniversary of their Dead Sea Mud Mask*. This is a mineral rich, deep pore cleansing, hard drying mask that is designed for oily skin. This is amazing mask that is ideal for my skin type, as it is great if you’re having a bad skin day and need to unclog pores and really cleanse the skin. 

I find that it works best when it is applied to any troubled areas on freshly cleansed skin and then left to dry. It usually takes around fifteen minutes depending on how much of the mask is applied. What I love about 7th Heaven is that there is plenty of product in each sachet so you can apply a really thick luxurious layer or a couple of thin layers, depending on your preference and skin type. 

 One of my favourite things about 7th Heaven is not only the fact that it is animal cruelty free and vegetarian society approved, but their products are also made of fresh and natural ingredients. The key components of the Dead Sea Mud Mask are pressed lavender, collected seaweed and crushed Dead Sea salt, which are both soothing and nutrient rich. 

7th Heaven have also added a Peel-Off Mask* to the Dead Sea range, which is designed to purify the skin and like the mud mask, recommends that it be used weekly to keep pores feeling cleansed and detoxified. The ingredients are very similar except the lavender has been replaced with pressed chamomile. It is also suggested that this mask is left on for about twenty-five minutes, so it is perfect if you want an excuse for an extra long pamper session. 

Have you tried any products from the 7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Mask range? 


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