When the weather gets warmer, not only do I like to shop for summer clothes, have a read of my Primark Summer Haul, fake tan my body from head to toe, have a read of my tanning top tips, and drink copious amounts of iced tea, I also like to make sure that my feet are looking on point, ready for sandals and flip flops. After living in socks and trainers since about Sept last year, when it comes to trying on and picking out summer footwear, I want to make sure that my feet are looking healthy, fresh and ready for summer.


When it comes to prepping my feet to get them ready to face the general public, I like to just add a couple of extra steps to my pamper night routine. Before anything else I like to take off any existing nail varnish with some remover and a cotton pad. I then trim my toe nails making sure that they go straight across, not curved like fingernails, to reduce the chance of hang nails etc. – ‘ain’t nobody got time for that!’

I then like to soak my feet in warm water before applying any products to them. As I said, when I decide to give myself a foot pamper, I just make it a part of my usual pamper routine in which I usually run myself a hot bath. After a while of having my feet soaking in the tub, I then get started with my pamper products. 

Pamper Products 

One of the first products I like to use the Chiropody Sponge* from the Newtons Foot Therapy range. This is a great product to remove any hard skin on the bottom of the feet. Even after just one use, I could tell a major difference in the softness of my feet. I apply some of the Soap & Glory Orange Crush body wash on to the sponge and gently rub it onto the bottom of my feet. 

I also use the Anti-Bacterial Polishing Foot Scrub*, again from the Newtons Foot Therapy range. This is available in 150ml bottle and it really gently and effectively smooths away dry, rough skin. It contains a natural pumice that is ideal for exfoliation, as well as spearmint and tea tree, which is both anti-bacterial and cooling on the feet. I like to massage this for a few minutes onto each foot so that it feels like a mini-spa treatment. 

The last product in this pampering routine is the Charcoal Deodorant Foot Cream*, which has been newly released and is available in 100ml bottles. This moisturiser is not only anti-bacterial, but it also provides twenty-four hours of hydration and contains activated charcoal, which eliminates foot odour – pretty sweet right? It leaves my feel feeing really nourished, soft and hydrated which is ideal for the summer months 

The Newtons Foot Therapy range is available at Savers and starts from just £1, which is super affordable, especially considering the quality of the products. 

Fishing Touches

Once my feet are fully prepped, pampered and feeling silky soft again, there is just one last step before they are summer and sandal ready. When it comes to the warmer months I prefer to apply much brighter nail varnishes to my toenails. I love these gorgeous berry shades and think that they compliment anyone’s feet, especially during summer.

How do you like to get your feet summer ready?


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