From Roses | Why No One Is That Great At Adulting | Link

I have been reading Rebecca’s blog From Roses for a couple of years now. I love her informative yet chatty style of writing. She writes about a range a beauty, fashion and lifestyle products, and her photography skills are seriously on point. I loved reading this post by Rebecca as I feel that it is a subject that a lot of people can relate to. The idea that you should have your life in order, but in reality, a lot of people don’t. It does sometimes feel like we have a huge amount of pressure put onto our shoulders to achieve ‘X Y & Z’ and it was a refreshing and eye opening post to read and realise that not everyone feels on top of their A-game all of the time. 

In The Frow | How Do You Know When You’re Engaged | Link

I love reading all of Victoria’s posts. She is an absolute Girl Boss that is taking the blogging world by storm. Again, her photography is always so on point and her travel diaries are incredible, if you are in need of some wanderlust inspiration, be sure to check her out. I found the title of this post really intriguing and reading it gave me a lot of food for thought. It is a chatty post about knowing when you’re engaged, does it really only count once someone has got down on one knee and a ring has been produced. I have been with James for years, we know we want to get married and we have even discussed our wedding day. Victoria explores the idea that nothing has to be ‘traditional’ anymore, and everyone can have whatever relationship they want without the pressure of labels and stereotypes. 

Hannah Gale – Our California Road Trip Itinerary | Link

I have been reading Hannah’s witty, honest and one hundred percent relatable blog for a while now and I really look forward to reading her blog posts. James and I are in the middle of planning a huge America road trip for early next year, and in true blogger style, Hannah has documented her recent California Road Trip beautifully. She has provided lots of tips and a great insight to the planning of their trip, where they stayed and what they ate, accompanied with Pinterest-worthy photographs. It gave me some real travel inspiration and after reading the post I am now so excited to plan more of my trip. 

The Elle Next Door | 7 Blogging Essentials I Can’t Do Without | Link

I first started following Ellie on YouTube and fell in love with her chatty, informal videos. I was quick to begin following her on instagram, which is perfect for any beauty, fashion, London and Harry Potter lover. I loved reading this blog post by Ellie, which is a list of blogging essentials. This post has some great advice for any blogger on the go as it acts as a bit of a checklist when working out what you need to take with you. Ellie’s relaxing style of writing makes you feel as though a friend is reaching out to you and her blog is a pleasure to read. 

The Little Plumb | Musings on Accepting My Body And Not Always Being Positive | Link

I have only just started following Chloe but she is fast becoming one of my favourite bloggers at the moment. Chloe comes across so real and relatable and I love watching her Insta stories. As I am only 5ft 1, Chloe’s style is perfect for any fellow petit lady looking for fashion inspiration. The Little Plumb is a mixture of fashion and lifestyle posts, which are perfectly relatable. Chloe chats about real issues and concerns that I think a lot of people can appreciate and it is nice to know that you are not always alone in having these thoughts and feelings. This particular blog post of hers really spoke out to me and made me realise that we shouldn’t get so hung up on what our bodies look like, and the feeling of being confident and happy in our own bodies is something we should embrace. 

Have you ready any blog posts lately that really inspired or reached out to you?


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