Over the last few weeks I have read a few different types of books, which have provided various insights and inspiration. Although I am a huge lover of fiction and fantasy, sometimes I think it good to read a variation of books, to try new things and get different ideas. I have also been trying to work through my ‘to read’ pile, which has felt so refreshing and productive. 

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying | Marie Kondo

I bought this book a while ago and have mentioned it a few times previously on Madolyn Thinks. I tended to just dip in and out of it however and tried to apply some of the ideas along the way. But I finally ploughed through to the end of the book this month, which was brilliant. It is a guide on how to perfectly tidy your house in a way that will ensure that it remains tidy. It follows similar ideas to capsule wardrobes and minimalism, which have been very popular lately. It has provided me with so much inspiration; to the point that once I had finished it I ended up sorting through my wardrobe straight away. It has really changed my outlook on materialism and only keeping things that I need rather than clutter for clutters sake and I would recommend this book to anyone after an inspirational read. 

Doris Lessing | The Grass Is Singing

The Grass is Singing was July’s pick for the monthly Book Club that I attend. It was a short read that explored the farming culture in Africa after world war two. It followed the story of a married couple struggling with the harsh realities of the farming world and their relationships with the native people. It provided a huge insight in to the ideology of white supremacy and the daily struggles that everyone within the society faced. It was a real eye opener that kept me thinking and really inspired me to find out more. Although quite a gritty read with lots of harsh themes, it was very interesting and has made me want to read more about this time in history. 

USA Travel Guide | The Lonely Planet 

James and I are in the middle of planning a big American Road Trip for early next year and so I borrowed a load of USA travel guides from the library for some inspiration. I loved the Lonely Planet’s USA one as it provided lots of insight into some of the best cities in America. It also has some amazing advice about planning a trip, where to stay, how to budget and what sort of transport to take to each place. It really helped me to focus on places to visit and the logistics of out trip, as well as providing lots of excitement about going away!

A Moveable Feast | Earnest Hemmingway

In the New Year I decided that I wanted to read more classics and since I have never read an Earnest Hemmingway novel before, I thought that it was about time that I did.  A Moveable Feast is focused around Hemmingway’s time spent living in the city of Paris as a young writer, living with his wife. It is written in a diary style in which Hemmingway shares various stories of the places he visited and the people he met. I have to say that I haven’t found this the most thrilling of stories and I found that I was reading it so that I could finish it, rather then because I felt really captivated by the book. That isn’t to say that I dis-liked it, more that I thought it was going to be better than it was. 

Enough | John Naish

I have been reading a lot lately about minimalism, reducing materialist things, capsule wardrobes, saving money and how to apply these ideas to everyday life. Enough is all about how to accept that we have enough in life and we don’t need to strive for more. It explores the increase in the manipulation of the media, food and lots of other themes, all of which have left us with the need for more. Naish discusses how we in the Western world actually have too much and that we need to learn to say enough. It is a really interesting and insightful read that I was unable to put down. 

Also, what do you think about my new floral dress? I think it is the perfect summer time day dress from Tobi; it is so comfortable and easy to wear. I love the thin spaghetti straps, cross over front and gathered waistband, which I find so flattering. 

What have you been reading lately?


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