One of the main ways that society tells you to be healthier and reduce body fat is not by eating low fat products, but to actually cut out or reduce sugar from your diet. Now before I go any further with this blog post, I just want to write a little disclaimer and state that I am in no way a dietitian or health guru. If you are looking for hard core fats, amazing before and after results then this is not the blogger or blog post for you. However, if you want a real girls perception and take on what it means by ‘sugar is fattening’ then by all means, continuing reading…

Last year I went through a bit of a run of watching health and food documentaries, you can read my post Netflix Programs That Have Changed My Outlook On Food. And whilst I am still a meat and dairy eater, it definitely gave me food for thought (insert rolling eye emoji here) and I am now a lot more conscious about where my food comes from. I feel as though my meal times are pretty healthy and it seems to me that what I need to work on is snacking. I am a huge lover of afternoon treats at work, a little biscuit with my cup of tea, and I am never one to say no when it comes to ordering pudding at dinner. 

Is Sugar Really That Bad For You?

Again, as I have said, I am no nutritionist, but from what I understand, when we have sugar our body creates insulin in order to process it and break it down. However, if we consume too much sugar, the body goes into overdrive and creates too much insulin, which cannot be broken down quickly enough and so it turns into fat. This is why even if products are ‘low fat’, it is important to check and see the sugar content, because if there is a lot, it will turn into fat when it enters the body anyway.

Ok science lesson over, but it seems like a simple idea, right? The problem I have is that I LOVE sugar. I love sweeties, chocolate, cookies and everything in-between. So what I really need to work on is substituting high in sugar snacks for something healthy that still feeds my cravings. 

Dr Zak's Cookies* 

Dr Zak’s is a brilliant health food company that is organic, vegetarian approved and vegan. Their main goal is to promote foods that are essential to fitness programs. Their products are very high in protein and offer a range of breads, bagels and snacks. I love their High Protein Cookie range, which is high in protein with 15g per cookie, contains low impact carbs, are palm oil free and are halal and vegetarian certified. And most importantly for me, they are very low in sugar, which makes them the perfect guilt free snack. There are three different flavours; Salted Caramel, Triple Chocolate and the Chocolate Chip one is completely sugar free!! 

Dr Zak’s Clusters*

Another product from the Dr Zak’s On The Go range is their High Protein Clusters. These are another great snack to keep in your handbag or take to work as they are high in protein with 10g to 12g per packet, the have 10g or less of carbs per pack, they contain 135 calories per pack or less, are palm oil free, and are halal and vegetarian certified. These clusters also have three different flavours; Chocolate, Fruit and Yoghurt and Chipotle. 

Other Ways To Reduce Your Daily Sugar Intake  

- Don’t let yourself get hungry – when I get really hungry I reach for something sugary to give me some energy, so its always best to keep a healthy snack on you
- Eat Fruit – Fruit is very sweet, especially strawberries and grapes which can feed a sugary craving
- Go Diet – when it comes to fizzy drinks, if you need that fix, try to make it a diet option 
- Sugar In Tea & Coffee – I have never taken sugar in my tea or coffee, but if you do, it’s a great way to cut out a couple of tea spoons of sugar on a daily basis 
- Cut Out Fruit Juice – I used to love a cold glass of apple juice until I realised the amount of sugar that was in one serving. Now I never drink fruit juice, I just eat the fruit instead

Have you tried Dr Zak's On The Go products before?
What are your thoughts about reducing sugar from your daily diet?


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