Natural Summer Makeup Menu

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  • Monday, 28 August 2017

My everyday makeup in summer tends to be very light and very natural. I like to apply a minimal amount of base and then create shape and colour using bronzer, blusher and highlighter. I also like to keep my eyes very natural and minimal opting for a neutral eye shadow and black mascara. I often finish my summer makeup look with a tinted balm to keep my lips hydrated but also very natural.

I’m still getting used to having short hair, but I have really enjoyed styling it in a natural and messy way with lots of volume. I feel like this compliments the natural makeup and gives a really soft, feminine and natural finish that is ideal for the summer months. 



Clarins Instant Concealer | Link 
Seventeen Skin Wow Three Way Highlighter | Link
Seventeen Bronze Block | Link


No7 Eye Shadow | Link
Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara | Link
Benefit Brow-Zings | Link


Nars Orgasm Blush | Link
Benefit Posie Balm | Link
Monsoon Rose Gold Fragrance | Link

What is on your summer makeup menu?


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My Autumnal Wish List 2017 | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

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  • Sunday, 27 August 2017

It may seem a little early to start thinking about autumn with it still being the month of August, but let’s be honest; the weather at the moment isn’t exactly screaming summer. With it being September just next week, my mind set is ready to switch to autumn and so I don’t think that it is too early to shop for my favourite season. So have a scroll through what I’m lusting over for the autumnal season and roll on spiced lattes, woollen jumpers, chunky scarves, ankle boots and all the beautiful orange, brown, red and yellow colour pallet. 

New Look Black Floral Print Mesh Hanky Hem Midi Skirt | Link 

Topshop Quilted Puffer Jacket | Link

New Look Burgundy Longline Jumper | Link

Topshop Button Detail Rib Jumper | Link

Topshop Ruffle Waist Trousers | Link

Miss Selfridge DELLA Black Stud Cut-Out Boots | Link

New Look Grey Suedette Biker Jacket | Link

Friction Free Shaving Rose Razor | Link - 25% off discount code: 3P9YNC

Becca Champagne Pop Limited Edition Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter | Link

Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment | Link

This Works Deep Sleep Night Ritual | Link

Diptyque Eau Lente Eau de Toilette | Link

Bumble & Bumble Sumotech Styling Wax | Link

Coconut Lane Flamingo Notebook | Link 20% discount code: MADOLYN20

Coconut Lane Palm Laptop Sleve | Link 20% discount code: MADOLYN20

Autumn: An Anthology For The Changing Seasons | Link

Diptyque Feuille de Lavande Scented Candle | Link

Next Live Your Dreams Cushion | Link

Next Geo Jacquard Cotton Throw | Link

What is on your autumn wish list?


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Bloggers Spotlight | My Blogging Essentials

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  • Friday, 25 August 2017

I have been blogging for about two and a half years now, and during that time the way that I plan, write and edit posts as well as my photographs has changed quite a bit. And so, for this month’s Bloggers Spotlight, I thought that I would share my Blogging Essentials from the camera that I use, to how I organise my time.


One of my more important essentials is my daily dairy that I bought at the beginning of the year from Dear Diary. I love to be as organised as possible when it comes to my blog and so I find that having a physical diary to write down and plan each of my posts really helpful.  Since starting my blog, my posts have evolved into being one of four categories; beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel, and I publish my posts four times a week on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Because of this, I like to plan out my posts as much as I can at the beginning of the month, and then finalise my plan about a week in advance so that I can spread out my posts and provide varied content.

I now work part time as a blogger, dedicating Thursdays and Fridays to planning, writing and photography. For this reason, another blogging essential for me is an A4 lined notebook. Either on a Wednesday night or first thing on a Thursday, I like to write a detailed list of things that I need to get done in terms of photographs I need to take, emails I need to send, posts I need to write and edit and anything else that I need to get done. 


In terms of my essential blogging equipment is my MacBook Pro and my Olympus Pen Camera. I bought myself a reconditioned MacBook just before Christmas and for me it was definitely a step in the right direction. It is so fast, easy to use and compatible with all of the video and photo editing software that I use. I bought my Olympus Pen camera nearly two years ago before going on holiday in the States. Not only did I want a camera for my travels, but I thought I may as well pick a camera that would be suitable for blogging as well. I don’t have much photography knowledge and this is the perfect camera for me that is easy to use and provides great photographs. 

I am in no way saying that everyone needs to buy an expensive camera and laptop in order to be a blogger, I started out with a dead cheap laptop and the camera on my phone, it is just that over the years I have decided to take the steps towards some higher quality equipment.


My final blogging essentials come in the form of my ‘prop-box’. This is basically a box filled with bits and bobs that I have collected that make excellent background pieces for my blogging photography. My most favourite is the marble background that I made from a white board and a sheet of marble effect plastic. I love having this as I feel like it creates a nice consistency with my flat lay photographs.  I also have a few other props such as fake flowers, copper and marble stationary, makeup brushes and little trinkets. 

What are your blogging essentials?


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Some Of The Most Instagramable Spots Outside Of London

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  • Wednesday, 23 August 2017

I adore going out for coffee. One of my favourite things to do is wonder over to a local coffee shop with either my laptop or a book to sit with a soya latte and have a good ol’ writing session or some time to enjoy my latest read. Throw in a little spot of brunch and I am truly in my happy place. 

I see so many bloggers enjoying some seriously Insta-worthy coffees and brunches in beautiful places down in London, but it got me thinking about some of my favourite places that I like to visit, up here in the North. So I’ve put together a little guide, if like me, you don’t have a weekly opportunity to pop to Farm Girl, Sketch or Peggy’s, for my top Instagram worthy brunch & coffee stops outside of London.

Brew & Brownie | York | Insta

I love going to Brew & Brownie which is a gorgeous little café not too far from my house. Not only is their décor absolute interior goals with rustic wooden tables, grey walls, exposed filament bulbs and beautifully cushioned chairs, but their menu is completely spot on. Their scrambled eggs on sour dough toast with a side of smashed avocado is an absolute winner in my eyes, and their soya lattes are steamed to perfection. They have recently opened up a Bake House a few doors down which is equally as Instagram-worthy with its amazing display of cakes and goodies, bright white walls and lighten wooden tables and chairs.  

Cielo Coffee | Leeds | Insta

I first visited Cielo Coffee back in January when James and I spent a wintery day exploring Leeds city centre. It was the perfect spot for us to stop for a quick re-fuel and warm up. The décor is very on trend with beautiful rustic crockery and miss-matched furniture. They also have a beautiful cake display with a huge range of naughty treats. The lighting inside is nice and bright making it an ideal place to take a great shot for Instagram with minimal editing required. 

 Curious Coffee | York | Insta 

This is a fairly new café in York and I have been a couple of time with my mum, we are both massive fans of their chocolate brownies! The interior is beautifully decorated with a palette of deep blues, greys and creams. The furniture is a collection of rustic wooden tables and worn leather seats providing the perfect flat-lay for any Instagram lover. It is a lovely little coffee shop that serves the most incredible toasted tuna melt sandwiches and is quickly becoming one of my favourite coffee shops in York. 

The Bearded Baker | Edinburgh | Insta

Two of my great friends from University run a very successful café named the Bearded Baker up in the heart of Edinburgh and of course I couldn’t resist a visit whilst I was up there in June for a girly weekend away with my mum. It is a gorgeous café with an amazing interior that feels welcoming and cosy, yet bright and spacious. The huge window at the front lets in a lot of natural light and this combined with the bright white walls helps to provide that perfect Insta-worthy shot. The blue crockery and rose gold cutlery is beautifully on trend and their daily, freshly made bagels and doughnuts are delicious.

The Fossgate Social | York | Insta

This is another local coffee shop of mine in the heart of the City of York. It is located just off the main shopping street and it is a gorgeous coffee shop that serves the classic avocado on toast, brownies and soya lattes. It is a very Instagramable spot with a rustic looking bar, natural light, wooden tables and pretty crockery. I like to come here to do bits of work when I need a bit of a change of scenery as it is nice and quite on a mid-week morning. It is well worth a visit if you ever find yourself on the streets of York. 

 Albert Schloss | Manchester | Insta

This is the last Instagramable spot, outside of London, on my list, and it is also my most recent discovery. I went to Manchester for quick city escape with some friends last week, which you can read more about here. Albert Schloss is a beautiful bar & restaurant located in the heart of Manchester right next door to the Albert Hall. It is a German inspired venue with live music at the weekends, a photo-booth and an open fire inside. It has lovely exposed filament bulbs, beautiful artwork and a lovely range of drinks on offer. The flowered archway on the entrance is the cherry on top, a true Insta-worthy dream. 


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Top Exfoliating Products For The Face & Body

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  • Monday, 21 August 2017

I love for my skin to feel silky soft and smooth, especially during the summer time when a little more flesh tends to be on show, although as I sit and write this, I can’t see a great deal of sunshine… Regardless, I like to feel fresh, soft and smooth all year round and so exfoliation in a key part in both my skincare and body care routines. 

The act of exfoliation can work different with different people depending on skin type, environment, skin care and age. I am in no way a qualified skincare guru but I thought that I would talk through my favourite exfoliating products that I like to use and often I like to use them. There are a couple of facial and body products thrown into the mix, as well as some amazing body bars that I have loved using lately!


When it comes to facial exfoliation I used to absolutely love using anything like a scrub or something that contained micro-beads. However, not only did I discover that these type of products can be quite damaging to your skin, as they strip away a lot of natural oils, but they are also very harmful to sea life as they eat the little plastic micro beads, mistaking them for food, with dire consequences. So currently I enjoy using the Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask, the Clarins Exfoliating Toner and the Exuviance Facial Toning Pads*.

I like to use the toners every couple of days and these are great as they exfoliate the skin in a gentle way that is much less harsh on the skin than a scrub. The ingredients in the toners break down dead skin cells and help to create a soft and soothed surface to the skin, without stripping away natural oils. I also enjoy using the Coffee face mask about once a week, usually when I’m having a little pamper session in the bath. I love the feeling of the natural ingredients working on my skin as it is left super soft, energised and decreases the appearance of blemishes. 


Another way that I like t exfoliate is with Body Bars. I picked up the Scrubee Exfoliating Body Bar from Lush a while ago when I visited Sheffield in February. I was looking for beauty products that would not take up any room in my liquid allowance when I travelled to Prague as I only had hand luggage. As I was restricted in terms of liquids and room this two in one exfoliator and moisturising bar seemed ideal. I have loved using this product about once a week to give my body a good ol’ scrub with its flakes of coconut shell. My skin always feels so rejuvenated after using it, especially my arms and the tops of my thighs.

My love for exfoliating body bars has expanded and the Dr Botanicals Vegan Body Bars* are so so nice to use. I adore the scent of the Coconut Oil Rejuvenating bar* that smells so good you could eat it! I also love the Bergamot and Poppy Seed Smoothing Exfoliation bar*, which again smells incredible and both leave my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. The entire Dr Botanicals body bar range is currently half price so be sure to give one of these vegan products a try! 


Aside from body bars, there are a couple of other exfoliating body products that I like to use on a regular basis. The Soap & Glory Scrub Your Life Body Exfoliator has been a staple shower product of mine for many years now. I love the sugar scrub that slowly dissolves as you rub it onto your skin. This is a great product to use before fake tanning as it really eradicates any dry skin, leaving it feeling ultra-cleansed, soft and perfectly prepped to be smothered in fake tan. 

I recently wrote about the Newtons Foot Therapy Foot Exfoliator* which has quickly become a favourite of mine. It is a brilliant product to exfoliate the feet and keep them looking and feeling silky smooth and soft. Plus the peppermint oil within the product leaves my feel smelling incredible and clean. 

Do you like to exfoliate? 
What are your favourite exfoliating products?


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Cutting Off All Of My Hair & Donating It To Charity

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  • Sunday, 20 August 2017

 Happy Sunday! 

I woke up early this morning because I wanted to write a quick post before heading out later on, to share my new hair cut! I went to the hairdressers yesterday morning and had a huge chop and couldn’t be happier!

I have been thinking about having my hair cut for quite a while, and now that it has been done I feel like a new woman! It feels so healthy and light and I am so excited to be able to get ready a lot faster on a morning. I may even have to treat myself to a load of styling products or a new hair dryer to go with my new do.

I had decided to have quite a big chuck of my hair cut off a few months ago but I opted to let it grow a little longer so that I could donate a large amount of it to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs for little girls that have lost their hair due to illness. I have been able to donate thirty-nine cms, which I am so happy about as that means that they will be able to create an entire wig for a little girl. 

I decided to have the longest layers sitting on my shoulders, almost brushing my collarbones, with some shorter layers cut into the main body. It has created so much volume, yet it still feels light and airy, which I love! I am so excited to try lots of different styles with my new short hair and I already feel so much more confident and happy about the way that it looks. It’s crazy how much a haircut can affect your frame of mind!

I took the camera along with me to the hair dressers so be sure to have a watch of my YouTube video over on my channel to see the whole hair cutting process. 


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