I have been blogging for about two and a half years now, and during that time the way that I plan, write and edit posts as well as my photographs has changed quite a bit. And so, for this month’s Bloggers Spotlight, I thought that I would share my Blogging Essentials from the camera that I use, to how I organise my time.


One of my more important essentials is my daily dairy that I bought at the beginning of the year from Dear Diary. I love to be as organised as possible when it comes to my blog and so I find that having a physical diary to write down and plan each of my posts really helpful.  Since starting my blog, my posts have evolved into being one of four categories; beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel, and I publish my posts four times a week on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Because of this, I like to plan out my posts as much as I can at the beginning of the month, and then finalise my plan about a week in advance so that I can spread out my posts and provide varied content.

I now work part time as a blogger, dedicating Thursdays and Fridays to planning, writing and photography. For this reason, another blogging essential for me is an A4 lined notebook. Either on a Wednesday night or first thing on a Thursday, I like to write a detailed list of things that I need to get done in terms of photographs I need to take, emails I need to send, posts I need to write and edit and anything else that I need to get done. 


In terms of my essential blogging equipment is my MacBook Pro and my Olympus Pen Camera. I bought myself a reconditioned MacBook just before Christmas and for me it was definitely a step in the right direction. It is so fast, easy to use and compatible with all of the video and photo editing software that I use. I bought my Olympus Pen camera nearly two years ago before going on holiday in the States. Not only did I want a camera for my travels, but I thought I may as well pick a camera that would be suitable for blogging as well. I don’t have much photography knowledge and this is the perfect camera for me that is easy to use and provides great photographs. 

I am in no way saying that everyone needs to buy an expensive camera and laptop in order to be a blogger, I started out with a dead cheap laptop and the camera on my phone, it is just that over the years I have decided to take the steps towards some higher quality equipment.


My final blogging essentials come in the form of my ‘prop-box’. This is basically a box filled with bits and bobs that I have collected that make excellent background pieces for my blogging photography. My most favourite is the marble background that I made from a white board and a sheet of marble effect plastic. I love having this as I feel like it creates a nice consistency with my flat lay photographs.  I also have a few other props such as fake flowers, copper and marble stationary, makeup brushes and little trinkets. 

What are your blogging essentials?


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