I have struggled with body confidence for as long as I can remember. I feel like this is true for many of my friends and is probably true or the vast majority of people in one way or another. It is common knowledge that society, celebrities and fashion can depict how we ‘should’ look and this can make people feel insecure about themselves. I know that this is true for me, and having a blog has in some ways added to this. 

I love the blogging community, and for the most part I have felt very welcomed and accepted regardless to how I look. However, sometimes I feel insecure about my body shape and size when I scroll through my blog feed or Instagram feed. Most of the really successful bloggers that I follow and aspire to be like seem to be of this same celebrity, unattainable standard. I don’t mean for it to sound like these girls don’t deserve all of the success that they have received, I would just like to see more diversity in terms of shape and size in the blogging world. 

The reason I first started following and reading blogs was because I loved the realness of the whole concept. I loved the idea that I could get real thoughts, opinions and ideas from a real person with real lives, not just an endorsed opinion of a celebrity that has been paid to give said opinion. This is also why I decided to start a blog of my own because I felt inspired that it was anyone’s game. Recently however, as blogging has become more popular and brands have realised the significance of a bloggers’ influence, it feels like line has been drawn and unless you look a certain way, you are limited in to how much you can grow as an influencer. 

I find that I am constantly asking myself if I was thinner and showed off more of my body, maybe I would be more successful as a blogger, maybe more brands would want to work with me, maybe more people would want to follow me. I know that this sounds daft, and when I say it out loud it feels silly, but when I get these insecure feelings about my body, and myself this is truly how I feel. 

I have found it hard when I have done collaborations with fashion brands in the past, as a little part of me feels like I need to go on a diet, change how I look and get thinner in preparation for the photo-shoot. I get extremely self-conscious when having my photograph taken and feel like I need to hide the ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’ parts of my body in order to not look stupid when I publish the blog post. I really want to change these feelings about myself as I know that it is unhealthy, but it is so hard feeling as though you are constantly putting yourself out there to be open to critique. 

So in light of all of this, here is an OOTD post for you, where I am showing off this gorgeous scalloped, pink, open-backed, halter-neck dress from Tobi. This is something that I wouldn’t normally wear but I fell in love with the colour and style and thought that it would be a great summer evening dress. I was really worried when I put it on that my boobs would look to big, that my legs would be on show and that my back fat would splurge out. It was actually these insecurities that inspired this blog post and I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my thoughts.

I would love to know what you think about body size and shape in the blogging world…


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