I love for my skin to feel silky soft and smooth, especially during the summer time when a little more flesh tends to be on show, although as I sit and write this, I can’t see a great deal of sunshine… Regardless, I like to feel fresh, soft and smooth all year round and so exfoliation in a key part in both my skincare and body care routines. 

The act of exfoliation can work different with different people depending on skin type, environment, skin care and age. I am in no way a qualified skincare guru but I thought that I would talk through my favourite exfoliating products that I like to use and often I like to use them. There are a couple of facial and body products thrown into the mix, as well as some amazing body bars that I have loved using lately!


When it comes to facial exfoliation I used to absolutely love using anything like a scrub or something that contained micro-beads. However, not only did I discover that these type of products can be quite damaging to your skin, as they strip away a lot of natural oils, but they are also very harmful to sea life as they eat the little plastic micro beads, mistaking them for food, with dire consequences. So currently I enjoy using the Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask, the Clarins Exfoliating Toner and the Exuviance Facial Toning Pads*.

I like to use the toners every couple of days and these are great as they exfoliate the skin in a gentle way that is much less harsh on the skin than a scrub. The ingredients in the toners break down dead skin cells and help to create a soft and soothed surface to the skin, without stripping away natural oils. I also enjoy using the Coffee face mask about once a week, usually when I’m having a little pamper session in the bath. I love the feeling of the natural ingredients working on my skin as it is left super soft, energised and decreases the appearance of blemishes. 


Another way that I like t exfoliate is with Body Bars. I picked up the Scrubee Exfoliating Body Bar from Lush a while ago when I visited Sheffield in February. I was looking for beauty products that would not take up any room in my liquid allowance when I travelled to Prague as I only had hand luggage. As I was restricted in terms of liquids and room this two in one exfoliator and moisturising bar seemed ideal. I have loved using this product about once a week to give my body a good ol’ scrub with its flakes of coconut shell. My skin always feels so rejuvenated after using it, especially my arms and the tops of my thighs.

My love for exfoliating body bars has expanded and the Dr Botanicals Vegan Body Bars* are so so nice to use. I adore the scent of the Coconut Oil Rejuvenating bar* that smells so good you could eat it! I also love the Bergamot and Poppy Seed Smoothing Exfoliation bar*, which again smells incredible and both leave my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. The entire Dr Botanicals body bar range is currently half price so be sure to give one of these vegan products a try! 


Aside from body bars, there are a couple of other exfoliating body products that I like to use on a regular basis. The Soap & Glory Scrub Your Life Body Exfoliator has been a staple shower product of mine for many years now. I love the sugar scrub that slowly dissolves as you rub it onto your skin. This is a great product to use before fake tanning as it really eradicates any dry skin, leaving it feeling ultra-cleansed, soft and perfectly prepped to be smothered in fake tan. 

I recently wrote about the Newtons Foot Therapy Foot Exfoliator* which has quickly become a favourite of mine. It is a brilliant product to exfoliate the feet and keep them looking and feeling silky smooth and soft. Plus the peppermint oil within the product leaves my feel smelling incredible and clean. 

Do you like to exfoliate? 
What are your favourite exfoliating products?


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