A day at work, whether I have been in the office or at home writing, can sometimes leave me feeling a little highly strung, tired, or stressed and like I need to just decompress and take a break before doing anything else. Sometimes just having an hour or so to myself to allow me to reflect on the day and give myself a break, can make a world of difference. It lets me wind down, shake off any negativity or pent up frustration from the day, and means that I can fully enjoy the rest of my evening, whatever it is that I have planned. 

Get Changed

One of the first things that I love to do when I have finished a day of work, is to get changed into some comfortable clothes. I have a pair of Topshop Joggers that are the cosiest things to wear ever, and then I just team these up with a loose fitting t-shirt and my slippers. Then I tie my hair up, take my makeup off (even if I am going out later on in the evening) and make myself a cup of tea. 

Set The Scene

As soon as I have my comfy clothes on, I instantly begin to feel more relaxed and so I like to make my environment just as comfortable. I tidy up wherever it is that I want to wind down after work, whether that is my bedroom or the living room etc. Once it is tidy I love to light a few candles and get out one or two little pamper products. Sometimes I like to re-paint my nails or pop on a face mask. I have loved using the Dead Sea Mud Masks from 7th Heaven lately, they make my skin feel so lovely and cleansed. I find that putting aside twenty minutes or so for a little pamper really helps me to relax and wind down after a day of working on the computer. 


As well as having a bit of a pamper, I like to give myself an hour or so to dedicate to some form of light entertainment. I find that this completely switches my brain off from work-mode and allows me to focus on something other than what I’ve been doing throughout the working day. Some days I want a true sense of escapism so I like to pick up a book and just spend some time reading. Recently I’ve read a couple of great books and I’m excited to get stuck into a new one that I picked up; The Underground Railroad.  

If I’m feeling a little tired after a working day, then I’ll watch something on telly as a way of winding down. Recently I have signed up to TV Player, a service that enables you to stream live TV as well as watch programs that have already been on. They have loads of different channels that suit loads of different preferences and they also let you have the first month that you sign up for free! TV Player have kindly offered my readers a promotional code, so if you use ‘madolyn’ when you get to the sign up page you can have two months completely free – how cool! There is no contract and you can cancel any time, so it’s well worth checking out if you fancy something different. 

Other Ways I Like To Wind Down After A Day In The Office

- Run myself a bath
- Cook myself a nice tea
- Go to the gym
- Meet a friend for a coffee
- Have a nap (because I am a premature grandma)

How do you like to wind down after a day at work?


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