On Saturday I headed out to oxford Street to explore what the shops on the high street had to offer in regard to London Fashion Week. 

As I mentioned in my LFW Diaries Day One, the press pass that I had allowed me to explore the designer show rooms but unfortunately, I was unable to attend any of the ticketed shows or catwalks. So I thought that it would be interesting to have a look at what the streets of London had to offer, with my camera in toe. 

Before getting there I took the opportunity in the morning of taking a few outfit shots. I’m staying at my friend’s near Warwick Avenue and the houses in this area are beautiful! We also decided to go out for a late breakfast/lunch and I couldn’t resist these waffles when I saw them on the menu. 

New Look are one of the main partnerships of London Fashion Week this year, and I was so excited to go to their Oxford Street branch and see what they had on offer. They had a live DJ down stairs, which created an amazing atmosphere. Upstairs there were fruit cocktails on offer, as well as raw cookie dough, a makeup touch up station and a moving catwalk. 

I ended up posing on the catwalk, which was a laugh, if a little embarrassing. I was sent a copy of the video, so be sure to pop back when my LFW vlog is live for a peek of the clip!

The rest of the afternoon was spent wondering the streets and picking up inspiration from the people walking around. I feel like the style of Londoner’s is very fashion forward in any event, but being here during fashion week, they feel even more so. 

I hate to state a disclaimer within a blog post but I’ve had a bit of bad luck over the latter part of the weekend. Yesterday I was really excited to get a lot more content, do a lot more filming and take loads more photographs. Unfortunately, after a bit of a lazy morning, when it came to use my camera it had broken. With out going into the ins and outs of it, it can luckily be replaced (as it wasn’t my fault that it was broken) however I can only replace it by providing proof of purchase. As I am away from home I don’t have this with me and so yesterday was a bit of a write off in terms of collecting content. 

I’m planning on taking as many pictures as I can on my phone, however the quality is pretty bad. I am also going to film a few clips, as I really want to finish my vlog of LFW. It is really bad timing and I am feeling pretty gutted about the situation. I’m hoping to be able to salvage the rest of the week with the help of my phone. 

Technology eh, great when it works, crap when it doesn’t! 


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