If you have been following along on Instagram, or have had a read of my latest posts then you will know that I recently attended London Fashion Week. I have already published three diary-entry-style blog posts of the days that I spent down in London, which provide a brief overview of what I got up to. 

Be sure to have a read of LFW Diaries Day One, Day Two & Three and Day Four, if you fancy finding out more. 

I do have some more London Fashion Week content to publish, including a LFW Vlog, An overview of LFW and a few more bits and bobs over the next week or so. Today however, I thought that it might be interesting for you guys to have a read about what my expectations of LFW were and what the realities actually are. If like me you have never attended Fashion Week before then this might provide a bit of an insight behind the glamour. Or if you have been before, you may find a couple of similarities with your own experiences. 


I knew that that the days would be long and I was expecting that there would be a lot of walking, standing up and riding on tubes. But I massively underestimated how tiring it would be. I arrived in London on Thursday, had four days of London Fashion Week and then enjoyed my birthday on the Tuesday. By Sunday afternoon I felt pretty burnt out and by the time I got back home to York I was pooped. I had planned to get so much work done on the Wednesday that I got home and I had to just write it off and recover. As melodramatic as it sounds, this 5ft1 Northern gal was exhausted from the hustle and bustle of traveling around the capital!


One thing that I was really excited about was going to the LFW events and catwalks. I was really looking forward to attending the shows and getting some great content for blog posts and my vlog. However, when I got to the venue, the layout of the events ect had changed from previous years. All of the events and catwalks were ticketed and of course they only wanted representatives with the highest profiles. This was a bit of a bummer but I just had to make do with what my Press Pass allowed me access to and get content from elsewhere.

I ended up going to Oxford Street and some of the shops had some great things going on that were open to the general public, all to do with LFW. Topshop had a really cool runway to showcase their top picks inspired by Fashion Week. New Look, as one of the official LFW partners, also had some really cool things available in store including a moving runway, a makeup station and cocktails and cookie dough on tap.



I was a little apprehensive to say the least at the prospect of going to London Fashion Week. Although I dabble in fashion here on Madolyn Thinks, I wouldn’t consider myself a full-blown fashion blogger. I was a little nervous about attending LFW by myself as it felt quite daunting and because I am only a ‘small’ blogger I was worried that I would feel out of place. 

However, once I was there all of these self conscious feelings seemed to disappear. It was that busy and there was that much going on, it was hard to feel alone. I really focused on taking lots of pictures and got talking to some of the designers and before I knew it I forgot about my insecurities and just enjoyed being there. 


I pre-planned all of the technology bits and bobs that I was going to take to LFW. Have a read of my Prepping For London Fashion Week Post to see what else I packed. I had expected that phone battery life was going to be a bit of an issue and so made sure that I had fully charged portable charges with me at all times. I hadn’t quite expected that I would be constantly on the verge of running out of battery however. It is so hard trying to choose between updating my Insta-stories or using CityMapper to work out where I needed to be. 

Another technology mishap that I wasn’t expecting to happen was my camera malfunctioning. On Sunday morning my camera decided to throw up an error, which was really frustrating as it meant that the rest of my content had to be taken on my IPhone. I tried not to let it spoil the rest of my time at Fashion Week but it was definitely something that I wasn’t planning on happening. 

What are your expectations of London Fashion Week? 
Are any of your Fashion Week experiences similar to mine? 


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