I am a huge lover of face masks. I love to use them a couple of times a week and I especially love running myself a bath and slathering myself in a beautiful face mask. I have quite a big range of face masks on the go as I find that they are so many different ones on offer depending on your skin’s needs. I have a combination skin type, which also changes throughout the month, which can be a little annoying when trying to pick out a face mask. So I like to use a combination of hydrating, exfoliating, mattifying and detoxifying face masks and use them accordingly. 

I love using this face mask and I am currently on my second tub of this coffee ground product. I like to use this mask around once a week to give my skin a deep exfoliation. The coffee grounds really help to scrub away dead skin cells, and once washed away, it leaves my skin feeling really fresh, bright and energised. I like to apply a small amount on to my skin in circular motions and then leave it on my skin for about 10 – 15 minutes before gently washing it off. 

I am a huge fan of 7th Heaven and I love the amazing masks that they have on offer. I especially love their Dead Sea Mud Mask, which has recently had its 20th anniversary. This is a fantastic mask to help combat impurities and really cleanse the skin and pores deep down to leave the skin feeling cleansed and fresh. I like to use masks like this around twice a week to really help cleanse my skin and I tend to leave this one on for about 25 minutes. 

This mask is similar to 7th Heaven’s Dead Sea Mud Mask in terms of texture and results, but Exuviance like to use a mixture of science inspired spa like ingredients. It feels slightly tingly on the skin and works in just 5 – 10 min so ideal if you don’t have long and fancy a quick pamper.  

I absolutely love using this mask. It is a gorgeous hydrating mask that smells incredible! It feels so silky smooth and I love to apply this mask as the final step to a pamper session. So once I have cleansed and maybe used an exfoliating mask or a detoxifying mask, I love to apply this one by Oskia to re-hydrate my skin. It leaves me feeling silky smooth, bright and youthful and I use it about twice a week. 

I love these peel off masks, there is something so satisfying about taking them off, especially if you manage to get the whole thing off in one go! These are so easy to apply and they take about 20 minutes to about half an hour to dry before you can peel them off. I like to use these masks about once a week and they act as a deep clean for my pours.

This is a new purchase from me, as well as a new release from Lush. The jelly range of face masks offer lots of different masks for lots of different concerns. I picked out the Millihelens as it contains witch hazel and green tea to help purify the skin. I love the effects of this facemask and it leaves my skin feeling really nice, however, it is a bit of a pain to apply as it can come out a bit chunky and I need to work the product quite a lot before application. 

What are your favourite face masks to use? 


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