I am so excited to he heading over to London tomorrow to attend London Fashion Week! I have always observed Fashion Week from afar, following along with some of my favourite bloggers and getting little insights into what happens down there, but now I get to actually go myself! 

I have been writing my blog for just over three years now, but I have recently taken the steps to make it more of a job and now see it as a part of my working lifestyle. As well as my blog I also write for two online magazines, The Closet, who gave me the amazing opportunity to attend the F&F Autumn/Winter Collection Launch, and i the stylist. Both magazines have given me the amazing opportunity to attend some of London Fashion Week’s events, catwalks and pop up locations and I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to do so. 

I am staying with a friend who lives in London and so not only do I get a little trip away, I also get to spend some quality time with a true friend and enjoy the madness of London Fashion Week! 

Now, as an avid worrier, list maker and true organisationalist, I decided that I would share what I plan on doing in order to get myself as prepared as possible for the week ahead. Don’t quote me on this, as I have said, this is my first time attending LFW so I am sharing what key things I think I need to do in preparation, but I may well leave things out or include things I don’t need. 


Clothes are arguably one of the most important things to organise when preparing for London Fashion Week. I decided to go through my wardrobe and pick out an outfit for each day, but then also pick out out items that go with other pieces. I thought that this would be the best way to pack as I then have a bit of a LFW capsule wardrobe so that I have a few options and can dress accordingly.  

LFW Clothes Checklist

An outfit for everyday
A jacket that goes with each outfit in case I need one
Warmer pieces like tights, socks and cardigans if the weather is a little cooler
Comfortable shoes as I am going to be walking around a lot


As a blogger and magazine representative, I am going to need a fair amount of technology during my time at London Fashion Week. I expect the days to be fairly long, yet they will most probably be periods of time in which I am waiting around for events and shows etc. So I may as well take my laptop along with me so that I can type up coverage during these periods, as well as other bits and pieces to keep me entertained, informed and able to update social media and fully document LFW.

LFW Technology Checklist 

Chargers for my laptop, camera and phone
Portable charger for my phone so that I can stay connected and update social media etc
Laptop to type up coverage of LFW whilst I’m on the go and waiting around between events
Kindle to keep me entertained whilst traveling on the tube
And of course my camera to document the whole thing! 


Some people may think that this is a little overboard but the final way I prepared for London Fashion Week was organising my handbag essentials. I decided to pick out just one bag that would be small enough for traveling, but big enough for me to fit all of my Fashion Week essentials inside. Not only will I need my usual handbag essentials but I will also need a few more things to keep me on track and ensure that I am as organised as possible whilst bobbing around London. 

LFW Handbag Checklist

Note book to write down any information at shows and events 
Business cards to hand out if the opportunity arises
Rail card and oyster card for traveling in and around London
Press passes, schedule print outs and maps so that I can easily stay on track and on time

How do you prep for London Fashion Week?


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