Cyprus is one of the most beautiful countries that I have travelled too, and I was so happy to have spent a week enjoying the glorious sunshine, food and scenery. 

Early on in the year my mum and dad decided to book a week away in Cyprus for some last minute sun before hibernating for winter. My brother, James and I were invited and we were all so ready for a week in the sunshine to relax and have a well-deserved break. 

We stayed in a James Villa in Coral Bay, a small little town situated just outside of the city of Paphos. It is a beautiful spot that is much quieter and less tourist-y.  It was so nice to have our own space and poolside. It meant that we could cook for ourselves, there was no mad rush for the sun beds in the morning, and it was so peaceful and quiet. 

Most of our days consisted of waking up early, (well for me and my mum at least, the boys tended to stay in bed a little longer to sleep off their Keo Beers from the night before…) grabbing a spot by the pool with my kindle and a coffee, to enjoy the morning sunshine. We went to the beach, had some walks along the sea front and popped out for lunch a few times. We had evening meals out, and so much drink that I was having flash backs to my uni days! 

The food in Cyprus is so so incredible. I absolutely love it and this time around it certainly didn’t disappoint. I had Moussaka three or four times throughout the week, a beautiful dish with lamb, aubergine and potatoes, baked in the oven – it is heaven. I am also a huge fan of their omelets, which are so beautifully cooked and served with lots of fresh ingredients. I don’t know if it is the soil over there, but the food is so so good, bursting with flavour and yummy goodness. 

We also spent an afternoon at Paphos Zoo, which was so nice. It was originally a bird park, but they have expanded their animals and they had lions, elephants and even a four-month-old baby tiger! It was so gorgeous and I couldn’t believe how close we were allowed to get to it! 

It was so lovely to have literally no agenda, no plans, no schedule and no rush to be anywhere or to do anything. Sometimes it can be so easy to get wrapped up into the routine of everyday life that we forget to actually enjoy living and being in the present. This week really gave me a re-charge and it felt amazing. 


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