On Friday I got the train down to London to visit the WB Harry Potter Studio Tour. I have been to the tour before, however this was a couple of years ago when it first opened, so I was eager to see what else had been added. 

If you know me then you’ll already know that I am a massive Harry Potter geek. I love everything to do with Harry Potter from the books to the films and I could talk about it for hours on end. It’s funny, and I can’t quite explain why I have such a huge love for the story of a little boy, attending a magical school – but I love it!

So the tour is designed to show you how the films were made, and what the great team of people did in order to bring the seven books of Harry Potter to life. There is certainly something for everyone, and it is really interesting even if you’re not a huge fan of the films. James for example has only seen them one or twice (and only because I made him), yet he still found the tour really interesting. You learn about everything from set design to prop making, how the music was composed to how they filmed Quidditch matches. 

When you buy your tickets you are allocated to a time slot, which is when your tour will begin. After a short introduction from the staff and a mini film talking about what you are about to see, you are lead into the great hall, at which point your self-guided tour begins. You are able to explore at your own pace and take as many pictures as you like. I felt like such a little kid, running around, oohing and ahhhhing at everything I saw.

There are so little cafes within the Studio tour in which you can buy the ever-famous Butterbeer, and of course plenty of opportunities to buy as much memorabilia as you like! 

One thing to be careful of when you’re going on the tour is paying close attention on how you’re going to get there. When we went before we drove so everything was pretty simple and straightforward. This time however, we got the train down to London Kings Cross and ended up having to get a tube to Baker Street, and then a Harry Potter coach (which was decorated to look like the Hogwarts Express – my inner geek got very excited when it pulled up!) that took us to the tour. Just be mindful when you’re booking our tickets that you have worked out the logistics of getting there as we ended up having to pay an extra £30 each to get the coach to the studios!

Other than that, it was a wonderful, magical day trip and we had so much fun. We ended the day with a Five Guys, which was absolute perfection. Be sure to have a watch of my vlog below if you fancy a sneak peek at the magic behind the films – there is some pretty cool stuff to see if you’re as much of a fan as me!!! 


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