Going on holiday can be one of the most relaxing things to do. I find that half of the excitement of a holiday comes from looking forward to it, packing and getting organised. Maybe that’s just me!? 

Before flying to Cyprus this week I wanted to make sure that I was as organised as possible in order to feel as relaxed as I could. If like me you’re a bit of a list maker, then you may find this post useful, or you might think I’m a little crazy and overthinking things! Either way, here are a few ways that I like to do in order to prepare for a holiday in the sunshine. 


One of my favourite things to do in preparation for any holiday is to have a good ol’ fashioned pamper session. I’m talking exfoliating, facial scrubs, face masks etc. Then, I like to do my nails, both hands and feet. I usually pick out a universal nail varnish colour and match my hands and feet, and then take the bottle away with me for easy touch ups. I also like to fake tan, especially before a holiday in the sun, just to make myself feel a little more confident on my first day in a bikini. 


When it comes to packing, I am an absolute list checker machine. A while before I go I like to pull out all of my holiday clothes, and then anything from my summer wardrobe that I think I might want to take away with me. I then like to spend some time trying on all sorts of variations of the outfits and attempt to make a bit of a holiday capsule wardrobe. I also like to do this in advance as it allows me to see if there is anything missing or anything that I need to buy before going away. This year for example, I thought I had enough swimwear, but then decided that I wanted a new bikini. It was great as I got an absolute bargain because we are going so late in the year. 


Something else that I like to do in preparation for any holiday, is gathering together all of my entertainment bits and bobs for traveling. I Like to make sure that all of my gadgets are fully charged and that I have all of my chargers, wires, adapters etc. Packed and ready to go. I also like to have a look through Amazon’s Kindle Books selection and see if anything catches my eye for me to read on holiday. Then I have plenty of time to buy it and upload it onto my kindle before the holiday begins.


There are also a few annoying and boring, yet essential and useful things to do before going on holiday. Little things that can make a big difference; getting travel insurance, checking flight times, making sure that all travel and accommodation information is printed off, check in to flights in advance, pay for parking at the airport and getting some money exchanged. All of these things take two seconds to check or do, but they will massively pay off in the long run if you were to forget or something were to go wrong!

How do you like to prep before a holiday? 
Are you as fussy as me when it comes to holiday preparation?!


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