I am currently on a weeklong holiday in Cyprus with my family. Although it felt like an eternity when following everyone’s insta stories of their time on the beach, and having pool parties etc. during the summer months, there are many benefits to having a holiday in the sun later on in the year, and it is well worth the wait. 


It is a well-known fact that holiday and travel companies really whack up their prices during the height of summer. For this reason, if you want to save a bit of money it is best to book something out of season. Not only are the flights and car hire a lot cheaper, but you can also get a real bargain in terms of accommodation. We ended up booking a villa for Cyprus, as we love the privacy, the freedom to do what you want and it is much quieter. However, you can save so much money booking it in the less busy months either side of summer. 


Shops begin to have huge summer sales towards the end of September as they try to clear their shelves ready for A/W fashion pieces. This is great for those going on holiday later on in the year as you can pick up some serious bargains. I ended up getting some fantastic pieces on the build up to my holiday including a bikini from Debenhams. It probably helps that I am a bit of an odd size when it comes to swimwear and underwear, but I got a set reduced from £45 for just £13! 


One of the main benefits of going on a holiday in the sun later on in the year is that it is out of season. This means that it is less busy, there are fewer children and therefore I find everything a little less stressful. The weather can also be a positive when traveling out of season. Cyprus for example is a beautiful country, but in the height of summer the weather can be a little too intense. But during the months of October, the weather is cooler, yet still really sunny. This is perfect for me; as I like to enjoy the sun, not bake in it, yet I can still enjoy dips in the pool and trips to the beach. 


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