Autumnal fashion is my favourite type of fashion. I love the way in which you are able to experiment with different textures and fabrics compared to any other time of year. I am a huge fan of the Autumnal colour palette and adore the transition from Summer to Winter pieces.

One of my favourite ways to style autumnal fashion pieces is through the use of layering, and pairing garments together to create a casual, cosy look that feels effortless and appropriate for any occasion. I find that it is easier to mix smarter pieces of clothing with more relaxed styles during this time of year, as well as different fabrics, textures an patterns.

I find that buying a few key pieces at the start of a new season not only revamps my wardrobe, but it also gets me excited for the weeks to come. This outfit consists of a few staple high-street pieces that will see me through autumn and into the winter months.

Over the last year I have been working towards obtaining a minimalist or capsule wardrobe. I have been able to condense my entire wardrobe to a clothes rail and two under bed storage boxes. I had got to the point that I had so many clothes that I couldn’t remember what I had anymore and I felt like I was only wearing around twenty percent of my wardrobe anyway. After having a huge clear out I wanted to maintain my smaller, more wearable wardrobe and so I have tried really hard to only buy pieces that either need replacing, updating, or that go with a lot of the clothes that I already own.

So this outfit consists of a few autumnal staples that can be worn together, or with various other outfits, to create a series of different looks throughout the season. I love wearing burgundy during the autumnal months, there is something so wonderful about the colour that reminds me of conkers and the scattering of red and brown leaves on the trees. This simple round neck woollen jumper is from New Look, a great high street shop that always offer great seasonal pieces. I love that this can been worn with joggers for a cosy night in, blue jeans for morning walks, black jeans for an casual date night, or with something like this skirt for a lunch date or day trip. This skirt is another autumnal staple, this time from Primark. I adore the grey scale chequered pattern that looks smart yet casual at the same time. I love the silhouette that is created when paring this delicate, feminine skirt, with the more masculine, over-sized fit of the jumper.

The black boots and autumnal patterned light jacket, are both purchases made this time last year. I feel like it is important to have a staple pair of black boots, as these are a fantastic transitional piece to take you from season to season. I wore these to death last year, as they go with a huge range of outfits, and the Granny in me can’t help but swoon over how practical they are! They are certainly a timeless classic and an absolute must have to wear throughout the autumnal months. Likewise, this light showerproof jacket is another staple for me during these transitional months. Not only is it made up of an Autumnal colour palette, it is also a very versatile piece of clothing that again, can be worn with most outfits during autumn. 

What are your autumnal fashion staples?


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