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  • Wednesday, 29 November 2017

I’ve touched upon this subject a couple of times on my blog and across social media, but life lately has been a little crazy. 

I wanted to write it all up in a blog post and explain what has been going on over the last month or so. It has been a little hectic of late which has meant that my blog has taken a bit of a back seat as I have been struggling to find a routine in and amongst the madness. 

So, what have I been up to lately? 

James and I upped sticks and decided to move from our hometown in York to Leeds City Center. At the beginning of the year a few things that were out of our control happened and it made James and I have a proper think about what we wanted to achieve in the next couple of years. 

We have both wanted to do a massive road trip around America and so we decided to set a date and plan out a six-week trip across the USA. We thought that March 2018 was a good idea as it gave us just over a year to save and plan everything out. 

We had also talked a lot about moving cities and trying something a little different. We have both been to University and then we moved in together when we came back to our hometown of York. We thought that Manchester was a good choice as James is very musically minded and wanted to pursue something in that sector, and I am wanting to focus more and more on my blog, so it seemed like an ideal place for us both. 

We felt good, like we had a plan of action and we were excited for it to happen. However, a couple of things didn’t work out the way we hopped and after many sleepless nights and long conversations, we decided that it would be better for us to move this side of Christmas. We didn’t want to wait until we got back from America to start our new lives. We thought it would be better to move and create a foundation that we could then build upon when we got back from traveling. 

A few hiccups later, and we decided that Leeds was the place to be. James got some pretty exciting news about a new band, and I was happy to move to a more creative and fashion forward city. Although it wasn’t our plan A, we were both really excited about moving. So we scrolled through the Internet to try and find a flat that was within our budget but also in a central location. After many a stressful phone call and flat viewing after flat viewing, we finally found our dream home located exactly where we wanted to be.

It took us a couple of days to move everything across, and now we are completely unpacked and loving our new home. We both have some pretty cool things lined up job-wise, so although it has ben a little stressful, we are excited to get saving and enjoy the build up to Christmas. 

I wouldn’t necessarily suggest quitting your job, moving house, changing cities, whilst saving up for a massive trip, all on the build up to Christmas…!! But it has definitely been a learning curve, if a bit of a stressful process. 

It has been fun and exciting, and now that we’re here and becoming more settled in our new city, I’m glad that we decided to do it and take the leap when we did. 

And now that we’re in more of a routine, I have some really exciting things planned for Madolyn Thinks on the build up to Christmas, as well as for the New Year that I can’t wait to share! 

Much love, 


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Autumnal Make Up Menu

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  • Monday, 27 November 2017

Lately, life has become a bit of a de-cluttering mission. What with James and I moving cities (more on this in an up and coming blog post) we have had to condense a house full of things, to fit into a one bedroom flat. 

Although it’s been hard work, it has been great. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. We have de-cluttered and condensed all of our belongings and it feels lovely to know that everything we have either serves a purpose or means something special to us.

It was also the perfect excuse to condense my beauty and make up collection. I actually did this earlier on in the year, which you can read about here. I was a little embarrassed about how much stuff I actually had, but a few months on, I was able to condense this even more. 

So this autumnal makeup menu is pretty much my everyday, go to look of late. I still have a couple of different options in each make up category, but this has become a staple selection of mine that I seemed to have stuck to day by day. 

I am a huge fan of a natural base and love to use the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in the shade Santa Fe. I find that this foundation creates a lovely even base, and because it has more of a full coverage effect, I don’t tend to use concealer on top. In the cooler months, I tend not to apply powder and often use bronzer to create a warmer look to the skin, without getting rid of any natural glow. I love to use the Seventeen Bronze Brick, as the lighter shades act as a great highlighter. 

I tend to go a little heavier on the eyes during this time of year, and like to apply soft browns and gold on the eyelids, with a little hint of burnt orange. These shades are actually a combination of Mac and Benefit eye shadows that I popped into one of the Mac palettes. I then like to finish the eyes with a soft sweep of the NYX black Liquid Liner and the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

To finish the look I apply a light amount of Benefit’s Gimme Brow, for a soft and more natural look, and Mac’s Fleur De Force Lipstick, which is a perfectly soft and neutral shade, perfect for this time of year. 

However, I’m really looking forward to switching up my make up routine a little on the build up to Christmas. I love using more shimmery eye shadows, and bolder, redder toned lipsticks. How is it even December in a few days!? That reminds me, I still need to buy myself an advent calendar!!

What’s on your current makeup menu? 


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My Top Four Autumn/Winter Knitwear Picks

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  • Friday, 24 November 2017

For me, jumpers and knitwear is the core of A/W fashion. I love it when the weather is cool enough to start wearing a lovely soft knit with practically every outfit, well into the following year. 

My daily A/W uniform usually consists of a pair of jeans, or a fitted/A-line skirt and a big thick, knitted jumper. Team this with a pair of black ankle boots, an oversized scarf and an open, blazer-styled coat and I’m ready to go. 

I have picked up a couple of new jumpers this season to add to my collection. Although I am constantly in the process of minimalising and maintaining a capsule wardrobe, because I wear jumpers for about 5 months of the year, I feel I need a little variation in terms of colour, neckline, fit and texture. That’s the beauty of a capsule wardrobe; it is tailored to fit your needs and your lifestyle. 

Mustard Yellow Jumper | Primark | Link

I have had so many lovely comments about this jumper on Instagram, and it actually featured in my Autumnal Favourites post. It is such a lovely jumper to wear, and at the bargain price of £10, I have definitely had my money’s worth. It is super soft and I love the oversized fit of it. It is so comfortable to wear and provides a really casual vibe to any outfit. Considering its bright colour, it has actually gone surprisingly well with a lot of my wardrobe. 

Maroon Long Fit Jumper | New Look | Link

This was another recent purchase, again for the bargain price of just £10. It fits true to size, and I picked up a size 10 so that I could wear tops underneath in the colder weather. It has a basic round neck and a slightly longer back to the front. I love this as it covers up my bum (again, great for the colder weather) but it is thin enough to both tuck into jeans and layer up. I think the colour is gorgeous, and it fits in perfectly with any autumnal or winter colour pallet. 

Emerald Green Polo-Neck | Topshop | Link

It will be my third winter with this lovely green jumper. It is an absolute autumn/winter staple and I love that it has stayed a core piece in my wardrobe. The fit is really nice and the fabric is heavy yet thin, so it drapes really nicely on the body, without feeling as though you might have a hot flush. I’m not usually a fan of polo necks, however this is oversized by design and so I don’t get that claustrophobic feeling around my neck when I have it on. Again, the colour goes really well with the rest of my autumn/winter wardrobe and I am so happy to be wearing it again. 

Pale Grey High-Neck | New Look | Link

My last knitwear staple was a purchase I made last November just before my trip to Bratislava with James. I wanted a nice jumper that I could dress up. I knew that it was going to be super cold whist we were there, so there was no point packing pretty tops for an evening, therefore I wanted something a little dressy that would still keep my warm. I loved this bright, iced grey jumper from New Look, which has a high neckline that is really warm. This looks really nice with a wintery skirt and tights, or black jean and heeled boots. 

Where do you like to pick up autumn/winter knits? 


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My Thoughts On Laser Hair Removal | Pros & Cons

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  • Sunday, 19 November 2017

Laser hair removal is fast becoming a very popular way to get rid of unwanted body hair. Speaking from the point of view of a fairly pale skinned person with very dark hair, I have a lot of unwanted hair and have tried most, if not all methods of general hair removal. Laser hair removal can be very effective, but as with anything, there are both pros and cons to using this hair removal device. 

An Overview 

When it comes to using laser hair removal machines, the process is fairly quick, easy and relatively painless. One thing you do have to bare in mind however is the commitment needed to complete the process, and the fact that it may set you back a fair amount of money. 

The laser hair removal treatment is designed to target hair at the root, thereby damaging the follicles to ensure that they either take a long time to grow back, or that they don’t grow back at all. The treatment can be used on most areas the body, excluding the face, and works best on pale skin with dark hair. The darker the skin, or the lighter the hair, the treatment is likely to be less successful, however, it is best to check with a treatment consultant first. 

You are required to shave ay areas before treatment and asked not to apply products such as lotion or deodorant, so as not to affect the laser targeting the hair. I like to use the Friction Free Shaver Rose, which ensures that I have the closet shave possible. Be sure to use my promo code 3P9YNC to get 25% off your first order – it’s such a great service!

I have been using the Smooth Skin Gold appliance and find that it only creates a slight tingle on the skin when applying the laser. It is so easy to use and each session only lasts around twenty minutes, although this is dependent on how many areas of the body you would like to target. 


It effectively delays the growth of unwanted hair from the first session
At home devices are now readily available and easy to use
The process is practically painless
Guaranteed long term hair removal/stunted growth


It can be considered a fairly expensive method of hair removal
If you go to a salon or treatment center you have to make weekly appointments 
It is a long term commitment as a delay between treatments will effect the process
You still have to shave the unwanted hair in between sessions 

What are your thoughts about laser hair removal? 


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10 Quick & Simple Ways To Help To Improve Your Self Confidence

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  • Thursday, 16 November 2017

I think that in one way or another, everyone suffers with a lack of self-confidence at some point. It can be a really difficult thing to deal with, especially in today’s society when we are constantly faced with and online world where ‘everyone’ appears ‘better’ than us. 

Whether it’s that someone looks thinner than us, has nicer hair, a better body, a better job, a fantastic home life, the list goes on. One thing to remember however is that people get to choose what they post on social media, and that you can’t always judge people based on their Instagram page. 

Self-confidence is something that everyone deals with and there are no quick fixes. However, there are a few things you can do and a few steps you can take to improve your self-confidence. 

Have A Bath

The feeling of being freshly clean after having a bath or a shower can do wonders for your self-confidence and make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. I am a huge fan of bath and find that they are generally a lot more relaxing than a shower, which is great for winding down after a stressful day. Throw in a couple of pamper products and you’ll make yourself feel amazing.

Dress Nicely

Wear something that makes you look and feel good. Since autumn is here, and winter is right around the corner, you might want to invest in a couple of nice knitted jumpers or a new winter coat. I am loving Primark’s collection of knitwear at the moment, as featured in my Autumnal Favourites.


smile, even a fake smile, has the power to make you feel a whole lot better about yourself, as you associate a smile with feelings of happiness, and so instantly feel happier. Similarly, if you frown or dwell on negative feelings, you are going to make yourself feel worse about the situation.

Tackle Your Teeth

One of the main reasons people are too self-conscious to smile is because of their teeth, and as I’ve already mentioned, it’s important to smile whenever possible. Visit your local dentist about any of your dental issues, and they will likely offer you braces, a retainer, teeth whitening, or whatever else you need to deal with your dental issues. Along with this, be sure you are brushing your teeth morning and evening with a good quality toothpaste – I love the Beverly Hills Black Pearl.

Think Positive Thoughts

Thinking positive thoughts, keeps you feeling positive. Being positive makes you see things in a different light, It really can make the difference between feeling self-conscious and confident. I really believe that positivity breeds positivity and it can have a great effect on your mood, thought process and way of thinking.  

Let Go Of Negative Thoughts

Sometimes this can be as simple as taking a deep breath and getting some perspective. There are obviously going to be situations in life that you can’t ignore, however trying to let go of the negatives and embrace the positives is a step in the right direction. For example, if you feel self-conscious about your body, try to take a deep breath and think about things that you do like about yourself. Spin the negatives into positives.

Do Something Rewarding

Doing something to help others can be so rewarding. Not only does it help someone else, but it also makes you feel great about yourself. Knowing that you have helped to create a change can greatly improve your self confidence and self worth. Doing small acts of kindness, volunteering and helping others can have a great, positive impact.

Walk With Confidence

I am a big believer in that you if act confident, you will feel confident. If you walk down the streets with your back straight and your head held high, you are sure to feel great about yourself. It can also change the way you are viewed by other people and that in itself can help you to feel confident about yourself.

Get Organised

If you are someone that tends to procrastinate a lot and not get very much done, you may use this as a reason to be negative about yourself. To avoid you having any reason to feel this way about yourself, get yourself more organized. Make to-do lists every day, so that you know what you have to get done, and so that you don’t forget to do any of it. Also right plans and schedules for anything else that you need to get done. Do you want to lose some weight? Come up with a workout schedule. Do you want to go on holiday? Plan how much money you’re going to save each month, and what you need to book and pack.

Conquer The Mess

Some people thrive in a messy workspace, whereas others find it difficult to get anything done if they have a piece of paper or hairbrush out of place. If you’re unorganised, and can’t get stuff done in a messy room, then you should really think about tidying a little. Get rid of anything that you don’t need or use anymore, especially if it’s broken, to free up some space. You can also install some storage, like shelves, drawers, cabinets, binders, and anything else to get your room organised. As soon as your room is tidy, you will start to feel a whole lot calmer and will be able to focus on everything and anything else that you need to get done.

Improving your self-confidence isn’t easy, but doing small things on a daily or weekly basis can be a huge step in the right direction.


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This is a collaborative post that contains contributed content and affiliated links. 
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