Common Health Issues & Seeking Advice

Health is something that is talked about constantly online, on television, in adverts, shops and eateries. It seems that there is always some new health fad on the market, whether it is a new cook book, some sort of smoothie maker, a great new exercise or just the media stating that you should do X Y & Z in order to be healthy.

But how often do we take a step back and look at ourselves and see common health issues that we do nothing about. We are constantly told what to do in order to be healthy, that we forget to listen to our own bodies and sometimes listening to them is the best way to be healthy.

I for one get really bad headaches and for years I would just assume that it was something to do with my diet, water in-take or sleeping pattern. I was so convinced that it was something I must be doing wrong that I didn’t even think to go to the doctors about it. Eventually it came up in a routine appointment and it turns out that they are hormonal. It is such a common health issue and yet it hadn’t crossed my mind to see someone about it.

Below are a few other common health issues, and remember, seek a professional’s advice if you are concerned with any health issues, no matter how small they may feel.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can hit at any time. They tend to be a build of salt and minerals in our urine causing us intense pain in abdomen and lower back. They are not one of the most pleasant things to experience. While medical intervention can help, sometimes kidney stones do dissolve on their own. There are also some home remedies that can help with suggestions online.

Excessive Headaches

There is nothing worse than a headache. Especially when it can start to affect your vision and the way you feel. Some headaches can even cause nausea. If you suffer from headaches regularly, there could be some factors causing it. It could even have something to do with your eyesight. Always seek some advice. Get yourself to a dark room and take some strong painkillers. Trying to let it pass can sometimes be the only thing you can do.

Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcers can cause a strange burning and painful sensation in our abdominal area. They tend to be caused by an imbalance of fluids from the stomach and digestive systems. They aren’t very pleasant to experience, and sometimes it can be caused by certain foods. An anti-inflammatory tablet can help ease the pain or you may want to see your doctor. Thankfully with an Online Dr App it can now be easier than ever to get some professional advice and a diagnosis. With things like this, is best to air on the side of caution.

Sickness Viruses

Sickness viruses can spread like wildfires. Especially if you have children. While they can be horrible to experience, they tend to pass over a 24-48 hour period meaning you will have a clean bill of health in a few days. The best advice is to rest up and drink plenty of fluids.


Unfortunately, depression is at an all-time high. It is classed as an illness, and it can hit anyone at anytime. There are varying factors and causes for depression. Some people suffer from anxiety. Some may experience when they have a baby. It is something not be ignored, and you must talk to someone if you are having more down days than good.


It’s a common thought that acne only strikes in the teenage years, but some people can suffer with it all their lives. It’s a very common skin condition that can make spots appear on your face, chest and back. If you struggle with it, you can get medicated creams and solutions to help ease it.

I hope this post helped in someway to not be worried about asking for help, it can be super easy to deal with so many common health issues.


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