Laser hair removal is fast becoming a very popular way to get rid of unwanted body hair. Speaking from the point of view of a fairly pale skinned person with very dark hair, I have a lot of unwanted hair and have tried most, if not all methods of general hair removal. Laser hair removal can be very effective, but as with anything, there are both pros and cons to using this hair removal device. 

An Overview 

When it comes to using laser hair removal machines, the process is fairly quick, easy and relatively painless. One thing you do have to bare in mind however is the commitment needed to complete the process, and the fact that it may set you back a fair amount of money. 

The laser hair removal treatment is designed to target hair at the root, thereby damaging the follicles to ensure that they either take a long time to grow back, or that they don’t grow back at all. The treatment can be used on most areas the body, excluding the face, and works best on pale skin with dark hair. The darker the skin, or the lighter the hair, the treatment is likely to be less successful, however, it is best to check with a treatment consultant first. 

You are required to shave ay areas before treatment and asked not to apply products such as lotion or deodorant, so as not to affect the laser targeting the hair. I like to use the Friction Free Shaver Rose, which ensures that I have the closet shave possible. Be sure to use my promo code 3P9YNC to get 25% off your first order – it’s such a great service!

I have been using the Smooth Skin Gold appliance and find that it only creates a slight tingle on the skin when applying the laser. It is so easy to use and each session only lasts around twenty minutes, although this is dependent on how many areas of the body you would like to target. 


It effectively delays the growth of unwanted hair from the first session
At home devices are now readily available and easy to use
The process is practically painless
Guaranteed long term hair removal/stunted growth


It can be considered a fairly expensive method of hair removal
If you go to a salon or treatment center you have to make weekly appointments 
It is a long term commitment as a delay between treatments will effect the process
You still have to shave the unwanted hair in between sessions 

What are your thoughts about laser hair removal? 


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