Have you even been on holiday if you don’t post a picture of yourself in a bikini on Instagram???

For me, even just wearing a bikini makes me feel uncomfortable. I would consider myself to be quite shy, self conscious and fairly unconfident when it comes to my body. 

 I understand this may seem a little odd coming from a ‘blogger’ as I constantly post pictures of myself online, both on my blog and across my social media channels. But, what people don’t see is the hundreds of pictures that don’t make the cut, the various camera angles to try and get the most flattering shot, and the amount of umming and ahhing before I post any picture online. 

I decided that I wanted to publish a post to promote body confidence, and to show that no matter your body type, no matter your clothes size, no matter how curvy, bloated, skinny, voluptuous you may be, you can still feel confident in a bikini, on holiday. 



One of my main body hang-ups is my stomach and so I really like to wear a scarf wrapped around my waist. This is a really soft one from Accessorize that is super lightweight and cooling. So it leaves me feeling confident, without getting really hot and bothered.  


Another way that I like to cover up a little whilst wearing a bikini is styling it with a simple shirt. This is a cotton shirt from Miss Selfridge that I like to wear unbuttoned. It’s not only a great cover up, but it protects your shoulders from the sun, and can be worn, tired around your waist if you feel too warm, but still want to feel covered. 


I love this lace dress that I picked up from Topshop a couple of years ago. Because of the lace, it is very light and airy, yet I still feel covered up. I love how feminine this style of cover up is, which again hides any areas I feel unconfident about being on show. 

I think that the most important thing to remember is that everyone has body hang-ups. It’s so easy to constantly compare yourself to other people, and I don’t think that Instagram helps in situations like these. However, the things that you feel really self-conscious about probably don’t even come up on people’s radars when they walk past you on the street, at the beach etc. 

I think it is important to feel as confident as possible, and if that means popping on a little cover up to hide what you feel self-conscious about, then so be it – you want to have the best holiday and not let it be ruined by feeling unconfident about your body. 


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