I think that having a ‘pamper session’ is one of the most relaxing, and re-energising things to do. I like to have a real good ol’ pamper at least once a week, and give myself some proper TLC. It usually consists of a hot bath, some Lush bath bombs, and as many candles and pamper products that I can get my hands on.

Although I like to do this throughout the year, I feel as though the winter months call for a bit more of a ‘beauty hibernation’. Winter to some can feel quite sad, negative and a time where not much can be done. Personally, I view winter as a time to re-energise, get organised and re-fresh so that I feel productive and excited come spring.

Winter is the perfect time to re-boost and re-charge and what better way to do that then to focus on yourself and your beauty needs.

Rebalance Your Skin

My skin always feels quite sensitive and dry when it comes to the winter months. The harsher weather always plays havoc and I find that I reach for serums and richer moisturisers, both for my face and my body. I love using the Soap & Glory Body Butter as well as Benefit’s Total Moisture facial moisturiser, to keep my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Transform Your Teeth

Winter is also the perfect time to work on any ‘problem areas’ you feel you may have. It is a period in which you can dedicate more time to yourself and get into more of a routine. So whether it is working with a specialist such as Natural Smiles to transform your teeth, or if you just want to use a teeth-whitening toothpaste such as Beverley Hills Formula, Black Pearl, you can commit to doing it during your beauty hibernation.

Hair Care

Much like my skin, I find that my hair can also become flat and dry in the winter months. After summer sun exposure and the constant use of blow dryers and hair straighteners, my hair always feels a bit damaged and de-hydrated. I love to use lots of hair oils and masks though out the year, but especially so during the winter months. I also like to reduce how much I use my hair dryer etc and let my hair dry naturally when possible.

Rest Those Nails

Whist in a ‘beauty hibernation’, I would also suggest giving your nails a break in terms of polish. Mine often feel quite weak when I wear nail vanish a lot, and during the summer months my talons are painted pretty non stop. I like to have a bit of a break during the winter months, especially on my toenails, as no one will really see them until sandal weather. Of course, there’s the exception if you have a Christmas party to go to!

Give Yourself Some Rest

And finally, you’re going to want to give yourself some rest too. Because that’s what hibernation is all about. You’re going to want to get your beauty sleep in so that you can feel completely well rested when spring comes around. The spring and summer months are usually the ones we have much more on, so choosing the rest up a bit more in winter (especially after the party season is over) can be a great idea.


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