The compromise of wanting to feel festive, without accumulating too much clutter…

Although I wouldn’t consider myself a true minimalist, even though there is no one exact way of living as a minimalist, I do consider myself as having much more of a minimalistic lifestyle than my 2016 self. 

This year I have certainly seen a change in my mind set, as well as my approach to materialism. I have been truly inspired to live with less, appreciate the simplicities of life and enjoy fewer possessions. It started at the beginning of the year when I came across the concept of having a capsule wardrobe. However, as the year progressed I discovered the notion of minimalism, and after many documentaries, books and YouTube videos, I feel as though my mind set has shifted. 

Last month James and I moved from a two-bedroom house into a one bed flat, and we are currently embracing our lack of materialistic possessions. Each item we own now has a purpose or a meaning. Naturally, this also goes for our Christmas decorations. 

Before the move we had clear out of everything and when it came to our Christmas decs, we decided to pick out a colour theme and only keep ornaments that meant some thing to us. We have picked up a couple of decorations on our travels and so they all made the cut and we also kept a few strings of lights to hang up.

We’ve got a tiny little tree with a few token decorations on it, and although the star seems a little big, it acts as a nice lamp for the room. We’ve hung up some lights around the TV, and popped some little candles from The White Company’s Winter collection on the TV unit. 

We only wanted to decorate the living area, to have a little nod to the festivities. We’re going back home to York for the big day and so we didn’t feel the need to go over the top in terms of decorating the flat. We just wanted things to feel a little more festive then usual to get us excited on the build up to Christmas. 

Be sure to have a watch of my Vlogmas Part Three video and you can see how I decorated the flat for Christmas in more detail, as well as a few other festive things I’ve got up to this week. 

What are your thoughts on a more minimalistic Christmas? 


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