Earlier this week James and I spent a lovely afternoon Christmas shopping and I decided to fashion my new beret…

I have always loved the Parisian style and find that their way of dressing is so casual yet sophisticated, stylish yet effortless, but I have worried that it wouldn’t necessarily suit me. 

I have seen so many people wearing berets recently on instagram and thought that it looked so chic and stylish. When I was in Primark early last week I saw this woolen, black beret for just £4 so I popped it in my basket and thought that I would give it a go.

I decided that a walk into town for a brunch date was the perfect time to showcase my new purchase. I wore my hair down and opted to pull the beret down at the back of my head rather than placed to the side. Although it isn’t the most classic way of wearing a beret, I preferred the way it looked.

To fit in with the Parisian theme I chose to wear a navy blue and cream stripped jumper dress that I bought from Topshop in the sale a few years ago. It’s a little on the short side so I paired it with some Primark, black skinny jeans. 

Makeup wise, I have loved wearing this natural yet festive look, created with the Bourjois Paris Holiday collection. The Velvet Rouge lipsticks are my favourite, which you can read more about over on this blog post. I feel like the bold red lipstick really adds to the Parisian style, as well as creating a more festive, Christmas-y look. 

We ended up having the most beautiful brunch at Laynes, a lovely little cafĂ© in the heart of Leeds. I had the scrambled eggs on toast and the prettiest latte, which really warmed us up before hitting the shops. This year, both mine and James’ family have decided to do secret Santa, so although we don’t have loads to buy, it was fun walking around getting some inspiration. 

I enjoyed taking my beret for a spin, and after realising that people did not stare, judge or point and laugh at me, I feel pretty confident in my Parisian addition to my wardrobe. 

What are your thoughts on berets?


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