Happy December! 

I can’t believe the countdown to Christmas has officially begun. I felt like a little kid this morning eating my Dairy Milk advent calendar chocolate for breakfast! 

The first of December marks the beginning of winter for me. I know some people count November as winter, but autumn is my favourite season so I like to make it last as long as possible. 

But with the flurry of snow that hit the north of UK last night, I have to finally admit that it is that time of year for gloves, hats and all things warm. Winter is here. 

So with that being said, I thought that I would share three of my absolute winter staples. These are the items that will most likely be glued to my body well past Christmas and into the New Year. 

Topshop Black Coat

I actually have this very same coat in Camel, which I have worn religiously throughout the last two years. I fell in love with the style and the fit so much, that when I saw it’s black counter part in the Topshop sale last year, I couldn’t resist. I love to save this coat for the winter months, or as an evening coat during the rest of the year. It is a blazer style fit, which has two side flap pockets and a flattering lapel. Black is a great universal colour that will go with all outfits, especially during the winter, as my whole wardrobe is pretty much black, grey and white. 

Black Skinny Jeans

Another winter staple of mine is a good ol’ pair of black skinny jeans. These jeans become the base of most of my outfits during the winter months. I am very much a boots/jeans/jumper kinda gal when it comes to styling winter fashion. I love to keep things simple, warm and practical. Gone are the days when I would brave the cold with bare legs, I am all for feeling warm, dry and boot friendly when it comes to cold weather. The fact that they are black also plays to my advantage, as it is again a universal colour that will go with many a winter/Christmas jumper. 

A Staple Universal Scarf 

My final winter staple is this amazing two-toned scarf. As I have already mentioned, my winter wardrobe is pretty monochrome, save one or two block colour Winter Knitwear Pieces. However, I really like the way that this pink and grey scarf stands out from the rest of the outfit and allows for a little splash of colour against the sea of black. Because it is a soft grey and a dusky pink, I think that it still works well as a winter staple as it goes surprisingly well with a number of different outfits. 

What are your winter fashion staples?


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