With the New Year being just around the corner, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking about ways to grow and improve come the first of January. I always like to spend a bit of time to refresh my home and mind and allow myself a bit of down time to prep for the year ahead. The Virgo in me loves a good ol’ list to plan and organise myself and so I thought that I would share a few ways to give your self a refresh, as well as a few New Year resolutions that are worth making. 

Ways To Refresh


In this odd lull of time between Christmas and New Year, I find that it is the perfect time to re-organise and sort out my home. I love starting the New Year with less clutter, mess and things that I don’t need. I feel it sets me up for a more focused start to the New Year. My mindset has become a lot more minimalistic this year in regard to materialistic things, but I have still enjoyed going through my possessions, clearing, tiding and organising. So whether your living space is a bedroom, a flat or a house, allow yourself some time to have a sort though and clear out before the New Year. 

Things To Clear Out & Sort Through

Beauty/makeup/skincare stash
Book Shelf
Food cupboards
The fridge
The car boot
Bills/household paperwork


Whatever your goals for the new year, I think we can all be in agreement that we could improve our health. So whether it is continuing on with amazing habits that you already have, or wanting to pick up new ones, it is a good time to get prepped and start the New Year in the healthiest way possible. Hit the shops and pick up a fridge full of fresh produce, lots of healthy greens, fresh fruit and veg to make sure that you have plenty of healthy options for meals when the New Year begins. You can also join a gym, buy some new workout gear, or have clear out of the stuff you already have and get it washed, dried and ready to pop in your gym bag for your first work out of the year. 


Before the first of January, practice some self-care and enjoy yourself. Whether this is having a bath with some of your favourite lush products, spending some time with loved ones, going out on a lovely walk to enjoy some time outside, reading a book or watching your favourite childhood film, be sure to allow some time for your head and your heart to re-fresh, rejuvenate and be mindful in preparation for the new year.  


In terms of New Year Resolutions, I find that it is always best to be as simple as possible in order to make them last. This year my plan is to not have too many resolutions and to be realistic with the ones that I make.

Resolutions Worth Making 

Smile more
Be mindful when spending money
Read more
Travel to somewhere on your bucket list
Spend less time on your phone
Enjoy more time outdoors
Eat more fruit and vegetables
Walk when you can
Practice being mindful and live in the present
Focus less on what others think
Spend time doing the things you enjoy
Do not work to live

What are resolutions are you making for 2018?


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