Having confidence, or even a lack of it, can really affect my mood, my mindset and how I’m feeling day to day. Sometimes a bad day can become even worse if I also have a lack of self-confidence. However, if I’m feeling confident about myself, often things don’t seem so bad, and I feel a lot more positive about things going on around me. 

So I thought I would make a list of a few things that make me feel a lot more confident about myself. Not only to inspire a few thoughts for you guys reading this, but to also remind myself that doing just a few simple things can boost my confidence and help to improve my day.



Not only can self-confidence improve your opinion of the day, it has been proven that smiling and laughing promotes positive energy that will also improve your self confidence. Having a healthy white smile really helps me and so I love using toothpaste from Beverly Hills Formula. Their Perfect White Gold toothpaste not only keeps my breath minty fresh, it also keeps my teeth perfectly white. This combined with a red lip (read my top picks here) and I feel super confident knowing that my smile is on point.  


My complexion can be so temperamental over the course of a month – thanks hormones! – and when I have breakouts, redness and de-hydration I can feel so self conscious and down about myself. So I like to work hard to ensure that my complexion is as good as it can be (I just have to accept that I will get breakouts every time my period rolls around I guess) But when my skincare regime is regular and my complexion feels on point, I feel so much more confident about myself. My current routine seems to be working well so far, read more on my How To Get Radiant, Glowing and Dewy Skin This Winter blog post.  


My body is probably the biggest (big being the key word here) issue when it comes to my self-confidence. When I’m feeling sluggish, bloated or un-toned I always feel rubbish about myself and this in tern makes other aspects of my life feel negative. However, I always feel more confident when I’ve looked after my body and done a bit of exercise. So weather that’s going to the gym, going for a walk outside, doing a bit of yoga in the flat or following along with a YouTube workout tutorial, I feel so much better about myself afterwards.


I find that clothes are one of the easiest things to throw on and provide instant confidence. I may not be smiling, I may have a tone of breakouts and I may have run out of time to do any exercise, but if I throw on an outfit that I know looks good, I can’t help but feel confident. For me personally it’s some skinny high-waist jeans, an over-sized shirt pulled in at the waist and a pair of heeled boots. I feel like this outfit highlights my good bits, hides my bad bits, adds height and makes me feel on top form. 

What daily actions make you feel confident about yourself?


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This post contains PR products gifted by Beverly Hills but all thoughts and opinions are my own.