In less than eight weeks James and I are heading over to The States for a six-week road trip around North America. I don’t even have the words to express how much I’m looking forward to it. However, I do have a few things that I need to do before hand, including going for a shopping trip!

I feel like I say it all of the time, but James and I are constantly on a mission to live a more minimalistic lifestyle and so I want to be careful, sensible and practical when it comes to shopping for our trip. I don’t want to just buy things for the sake of it, so as anal as it may sound; I have made a list in true ‘Maddy’ style, which I plan to stick to. 


I like to periodically go through my wardrobe and pick out pieces that I haven’t worn, don’t like any more or don’t fit with my style. This most recent time however I started with the idea of what I might need for our road trip in the back of my mind. So whilst I was pulling out bits and pieces that I knew I wanted to donate or get rid of, I was also looking at what I might take away with me to see if anything was missing. 

It also gives me an overview of my current wardrobe to see if there is anything that I need or if I already have things that I can use rather than buying everything new. So, once I had gone through all of my clothes I then made a list of a few things that I want to buy in preparation for our trip.


A HAT – a little update, I have actually bought a hat since planning and scheduling this post. I wanted something that I could wear whilst we’re in the cooler places such as New York and Chicago, that would keep me warm. But that would also work as a sun hat in the warmer destinations such as Arizona and California. I picked up one from Oliver Bonas in the New Year Sales that I think will work perfectly. 

A BACKPACK- I would like a new back pack to take away with me that will be light enough to carry around all of my necessities on a daily basis, but that would also fit my lap top and camera. I really like the look of the Kanken back packs, which I have seen on practically every blogger of late. However, when I went to look at then in person at Urban Outfitters, I was really disappointed with the quality and finish, especially at the price of £75! So I think I’ll be popping on to EBay for a cheaper alternative… 

A JACKET – With us going to the US in March/April, packing a minimal wardrobe is going to prove a little tricky as we need clothes for a chilly New York, but also for a pretty sweaty Phoenix Arizona…! I would like to try and find a light puffer jacket that I can wear with jumpers to keep warm on the East Coast, but that will also be light enough, and be small enough to pack once we get to the West Coast. I have spied a pale green one from New Look for only £19.99, which so far seems to be ticking all of my boxes… 

SOME SHORTS – I have a couple of different pairs of shorts, most of which are cotton. These will be ideal for travel as we want to be as comfortable as possible, but I’m not sure how practical they will be for sight seeing. So I would quite like to get a pair of sensible, high-waist, denim shorts that I can wear for walks, day trips and visiting places like the Grand Canyon. I was thinking about investing in a pair of Levis, but I’m going to shop around a little longer to see if a cheaper alternative pops up. 

A UNIVERSIAL SHIRT – I think that one thing my wardrobe is missing is a crisp white or black, universal shirt. Universal in the sense that it can be worn dressed up, tucked into a little black dress, worn more casually tucked into a pair of high-waist jeans, or more casually still, unbuttoned with some shorts and a tank top. I feel like having a universal shirt like this will make my travel wardrobe feel bigger and like I have more outfit options. 

What clothes would you pack for a road trip around the states?
Is there anything on your wardrobe shopping list at the moment? 


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