Blogging Tips For Beginners

With it being a new year, now is as good a time as any to try new things, start a fresh and take the first steps towards your goals.

A few years ago I decided to start my blog and thought that a new year would be a good time to begin. The blogging world is continually growing, changing, adapting and expanding, and it is always worth having a read of any advice if you have the time. If you have been thinking about starting a blog, or even if you have been blogging for a while, be sure to keep reading for a couple of tips and ideas in regard to promoting, writing, design and layout.

Focus On Writing - Before worrying about the blog itself, you need to focus on the quality of your content. Developing a writing style that will suit your company’s audience is key. Training Connections Microsoft Word classes will help you learn how to turn those ideas into computer documents. While great writing alone won’t generate success, it should form the heartbeat of your blogging endeavours. Besides, this gives you a chance to build a body of work that can be scheduled for on-going content updates. 
Think About Other Media - The ability to paint pictures with words is great. However, the Internet is a resource that allows you to embrace several media types. A great SLR camera enables you to take photos and videos, which will brighten up your blog greatly. Apart from adding diversity, it makes the content easier to digest for non-English natives. The best posts are those that combine all of those features along with interactive ideas like quizzes and surveys. On a separate note, audio clips can be used with great results. 

Get The Design Right - First impressions count for everything in the world of online media. Visitors won’t even read your posts unless the website is blessed with a professional and eye-catching design. Hiring a professional is always an option. However, the fact you’ve managed to navigate yourself to this page shows you’re more than capable of creating a simple site. Word press guides from Website Setup will point you in the right direction. Simplicity is fine as long as the pages look clean and navigate well. 

Schedule Regular Posts - Readers of your blog have several expectations, and quantity is as important as quality. As a small business blog, you don’t need to match the frequency of the BBC or news sites. However, posting at least once or twice per week is essential. Users will soon grow bored if the website is never updated, and that lost readership will cost the business too. Those posts that you drafted on Word can be organised to be posted at automatic times via Word Press. When combined with automatic social media posting, you cannot go wrong. 

Promote It - Sharing posts on social media is one thing, but the blog needs far greater promotion. PPC ads on Facebook and other platforms will generate more traffic from the desired audience in a cost-efficient manner. Meanwhile, asking existing clients to share it or tag their friends can see the readership grow too. When combined with a strong Google ranking, which is achieved through SEO, those figures will soar. In turn, that will give you the best chance of pointing them towards a purchase."

I hope that this information has been of some use and that you are able to apply it to future work.


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