I have always been one to dress to match my shape and my style, rather than bow down to fashion trends. 

I am constantly attempting to maintain a capsule wardrobe and one of the ways that I have been able to do this is by shopping and buying staple pieces that correspond with pieces I already have, as apposed to buying one off pieces that will look good for a season, but don’t match me or my wardrobe. 

Saying this, there are a few winter fashion trends that I will never get bored of and that I feel will stand the test of time. Or at least the foreseeable future...


I have just bought my fourth pair of black, heeled, ankle boots and I can’t see this fashion staple going anywhere soon. I love how simple these shoes are; yet they add a layer of sophistication and glamour to any winter outfit. They are practical, comfortable, and completely universal. They work perfectly with any winter outfit and they keep my feet feeling warm and dry, no matter what the elements decide to throw at me. They are an absolute fashion staple of mine and they barely leave my feet during the colder months. 


I have had this blazer style, camel coat for the last two winters now, and it is still standing strong as a fashion staple of mine. I fell in love with this fashion trend as soon as it hit the stores. I ended up buying a petit version of this Topshop favourite and I absolutely love the way that it fits me. It is tailored in a way that is flattering, without being figure hugging so I can still layer clothes underneath. I love the colour and find that in winter, coats are usually a dark shade and as I wear a lot of black clothes, I like having a bit of colour in my coat. 


I am a huge fan of an over-sized scarf and again, I can’t see this fashion trend disappearing any time soon. I have had one to hand for the last four years or so, and I am sure that I will have one for years to come. They are not only perfectly practical in keeping you warm, but they also add a level of casual effortlessness to any outfit. I really like this checked style that adds a bit of colour and depth to any outfit, either when worn with a coat or on its own. 


This is the newest fashion trend that I have welcomed into my wardrobe and I have to say, I have really warmed to it and love wearing it. I was inspired, as usual, by my Instagram feed, in particular Alice Catherine. I fell in love with the effortless style, and it is the perfect bad-hair-day cover-up! I love the way it looks and I know I will continue to wear it throughout the cooler months. 


I usually always opt for an over the shoulder handbag, finding them practical and easy to style. However, when I traveled to Bratislava last winter, I wanted something that I could keep all of my personal bits and pieces in, and allowed my hands and arms to be free. I found this little backpack in New Look and it was perfect. I love this trend and can’t see my love for it fading. I’m actually on the look out for another backpack handbag, this time a little bigger to take traveling with me when we go to The States in March…



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