Happy New Year!

I love the idea of starting the New Year with big burst of motivation. It is the perfect opportunity to set new goals, try new things, plan and organise for the year ahead. Also, could it have been any more perfect that the new year fell on a Monday this year?!

I am a huge lover of diaries, making lists, staying organised and planning what I want to do. However, I find that I have so many notebooks, diaries, planners and lists and it can feel a little confusing. This not only means that I have to carry around multiple books and bits of paper, it is also not very minimalistic or productive.
I discovered the idea of a bullet journal towards the end of 2017 and decided that come the first of January, I would adopt this concept of organisation. 


If you are new to the concept of a bullet journal, or have heard of them but need a bit of a re-fresh, I would strongly recommend watching this video. The video explains the concept of the bullet journal, as well as practical ways in which to use it. 

The basic premise is that you are able to have all of your lists/goals/plans/diary entries/schedules/monthly, weekly or daily trackers all in one place, by using a simple and straightforward method. The trick with using a bullet journal is that you record everything on a contents page, which allows you to remain organised and focused. 


The best part of a bullet journal is that it is completely personal and tailored to you and your needs. So although I haven’t adopted every aspect of the bullet journal as shown in ‘How To Bullet Journal’ I have picked out ideas and concepts that I think will work well for me. 

My bullet journal consists of; an index page; a yearly view in which I can pop important dates/birthdays etc.; a new year resolutions page; a monthly stats tracker for my blog and social media; a weekly weight tracker and a page for books read in 2018. I have also dedicated a double page for each month to brainstorm blog ideas and a way to schedule these posts, as well as a section to fill in my monthly favorites. This way I can easily keep track of everything and see it all clearly laid out. 

I have then created a monthly overview in which I can fill in workdays, gigs, coffee trips etc. and use it as you would use a calendar. I then plan to use the following pages for daily entries to write out to do lists etc. 


The Bullet Journal Itself
A Pen
Sticky Notes to add detail/phone numbers etc
A Ruler to create grids/boxes/lines/dividers


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