How Do You Know When You're A 'Professional' Blogger?

I have been writing my blog for a while now, but I would say that I have only been doing it seriously for the last two years or so. Madolyn Thinks started as a bit of a thing on the side, and it acted as a bit of a creative outlet as and when I had the time or the inclination.

However, over the last two years I spent more time and effort thinking about my content and photography. Last spring I was actually able to cut down my hours at work to allow more time to be spent on my blog, meaning that I could treat it more like a part time job. It was a little scary making this decision but so exciting and empowering.

I would love to be able to get to the point that I could work on my blog full time, make it my career and have it as my main source of income. In my eyes, I feel as though this will mean that I have ‘made it’ as a ‘professional’ blogger. But this got me thinking, what is it that makes someone a professional, or successful blogger?

In the blogging world success is measured in so many different ways, and there is no one true way of measuring whether you are professional or not. Is it based off of numbers, social media influence, engagement, brand collaborations, how much money is made? It’s a bit of a minefield.

Below are a few different ideas about how you can measure the success of your blog and your professionalism whether you write about beauty and fashion, gardening and pets or even movies about politics. Even if bloggers are yet to monetize their blog it doesn’t mean that they’re not a ‘professional’ blogger…

"Invest In The Best

You treat your blog like a business, and though all entrepreneurs know that their overheads have to be managed, they also know the importance of investing in the good stuff. This means that you’re prepared to invest net working capital in the right tools for the job. What is net working capital? Simply put it’s the money that you invest into a business to facilitate its growth. If you’re prepared to invest in the right laptop and hosting for your blog, your professionalism and attention to detail will shine through.

Know Your Niche

With so many blogs out there, trying to tackle too broad a range of topics is the behaviour of a rank amateur. The best bloggers know their niche both in terms of then kinds of content that they produce and the target audience. If you’re not just a parenting blog but a parenting blog with a specific focus on nutrition or if you’re not just a movie blog but a movie blog that focuses on science fiction, you’re more likely to reach your target audience organically.

Knowing your niche may not come easily or immediately. You may just slide into it, and that’s fine too. A combination of passion, knowledge and specialism, however, will lay a solid foundation for success.

Post Quality Content Daily

Sounds like a no brainer, right? Any blogger worth their salt knows the virtues of posting regular content. It’s essential in giving your Search Engine Optimization an organic boost and ensuring that readers have a reason to keep coming back every day and share your content among their friends, family and social media following. But it’s not enough to post fluffy and in substantial “filler” content. Your posts must have value to your readership imparting knowledge and information that they’ll find useful. Product reviews, lists and ‘how to’ manuals are great sources of attractive content if nothing springs to mind."


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