January can be a bit of a funny time of year. The weather is quite often horrible, money can be a little tight and the steady routine of work, gym, eat repeat can be mundane to say the least…

However, evenings in and the lack of money to go shopping with or spend on cocktails can give you lots of free time to plan what you want to do once you have a bit of money and the weather is a little easier to enjoy. One thing I like to plan is where I want to travel to during the year ahead.

You may already know, but come March I am going on a six week road trip around North America (yes, I am uncontrollably excited about it!) and so I have spent a lot of time researching what we want to do whilst we’re there. But perhaps a road trip isn’t your thing, or the thought of back packing across a country isn’t quite your cup of tea. But ‘State Hops’ or traveling more locally can be just as exciting and feed your wanderlust just as much.

Below are a few tips and pieces of advice that may help if you fancy popping to another state or county for a travel adventure.

"Straighten up and look planned

This little excursion is not without its pitfalls. It's okay, you can admit it, you’re not stinking rich. Money is something that doesn’t necessarily provide happiness, but it sure does give your options. Whether you want to rent a big enough car for all your friends, pay for meals in icon restaurants and buy cool souvenirs on the way, it’s all going to cost a bit of green. Don’t have extra few hundred or thousand just lying around, okay will here’s how to apply for a personal loan. Get thinking what kind of lending scheme you’re up for. Take a look at your options whether you want it secured or unsecured. Way up the risks and choose the right amount of funds to take with you on your state hop.

Know the quirks of the blues

America is a great place to live, but it's also huge and complex. Check out the basic laws in the state you’re going to explore. You never know you might be breaking a simple law that has a stringent fine to go with it. Something you are allowed to do at homes such as a U-turn or speed limit may not be tolerated by the men in blue who patrol the state you hopped into. All states have their own police departments and thus have their own website. You can check the law of the land on there and avoid any silly penalties.
Affordable sleepovers

It's tempting, but don’t skimp out on accommodation. Sure you may only be sleeping in the room for a day or two, but if there’s a quite a few of you, give the gang a proper resting place. Motels come with their own security issues, with the owners unable to guarantee the safety of your possessions. Plan the hostel, bed and breakfast or affordable hotel you’re going to stay at and make sure they have some kind of policy of reimbursement if they damage any of your things."

So whether you’re planning a big adventure, or a few days away in another state or county, it’s always a good to plan a little in advance. Even if it is just a quick Google to see what the weather may be like so that you know what clothes to bring!

Does anyone else enjoy some quiet time in January to plan travel adventures for the year ahead?


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