One week into the new year already, isn’t that mental?! It’s crazy to think that this time two weeks ago we were about to sit down for Christmas dinner and we were in the mist of enjoying all of the festivities. 

Fast-forward to the start of the New Year and it truly feels as though a new chapter has begun and I am so excited for the year ahead. One of the main reasons am looking forward to 2018 is the fact that James and I are going travelling for six weeks across the USA. 


James and I both love to travel. I have been fortunate to go on some amazing family holidays whilst growing up including traveling to Hong Kong and doing a road trip around California. The summer before University James and I went inter-railing around Europe for a month, which was incredible and we have always wanted to do a similar thing in the states. 

We have been dreaming of doing this trip for years but because of University and other commitments we haven’t ever had the money, or the opportunity to do so. We decided at the start of 2017 that we would take the leap to travel in 2018 after a couple of things didn’t work out the way we had planned. Throughout the year we did lots of research and planned and booked a few things for our trip. 

However, due to us setting the date so far in advance, it has felt like this little dream just beyond the horizon. But now that 2018 is here it feels like it is just around the corner, which is mental! 


I have been to the states five times now and have always loved the thrill of visiting America. I also have family over there and it has been so amazing visiting them. Half of my degree majored in American Studies, which cemented my love for the country, and I have always wanted to go across and do a massive road trip. 

We are both huge fans of the culture, the music scene and of course the food! The history of the place, as well as its amazing wild life and scenic views are just a few of the reasons that made us want to travel there, and I am so excited.


Although this post was supposed to be a bit of a chatty informal overview as to why we have decided to go traveling, I thought that I would include a bit of an outline as to where we are going. There will be plenty more posts to follow I’m sure with advice, tips and ideas about how we planned our trip, but for now I’ll write a little bullet list of where we will be traveling too…

New York
Nashville, Tennessee
New Orleans, Louisiana 
LA, California
Joshua Tree, California 
Phoenix, Arizona
San Francisco, California 

These are our main stops for the trip, but because we are driving we will be stopping off at different places along the way – any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


Again, I will most likely be writing more in depth content about how we booked things, why we booked what we did in advance, how we decided where to go and what to do, as well as tips and advice of things that we learnt along the way. But for those of you that are a little curious, we booked a number of things in advance for a number of reasons…

Outward Flights
New York Accommodation
New Orleans Accommodation
New Orleans to LA Flight
Flights Home

We still want to book the car hire for the two legs of the journey, pre and post New Orleans, as well as some accommodation for San Francisco, ASAP. Apart from that we may book the odd motel, attraction or Air BnB, but we want to keep things fairly loose and casual. 

I am so excited and March can’t come soon enough! If you would like some content on a break down of the cost, who we booked with, where we are staying, what we plan to do in each place, why we’re going where we are, how we planned our route etc, please let me know in the comments down below. Like wise, if you have any tips, advice or recommendations please get in touch by dropping me an email to or tweet me @Maddy_Blackburn!  


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