Although it may be freezing outside, the nights are dark and the thought of disposable income is a distant memory, I find solace in the fact that I can always run myself a hot bath, filled with Lush pamper products and soak the night away…


I have been a huge lover of Lush products for years and years. I was first introduced to the brand when I was in my early teens, going though my ‘vegetarian\hippy stage’ as my dad called it. For those that aren’t aware, Lush is a company that is heavily involved in charity projects, aiming to create vegan, chemical free, not tested on animals, beauty products that contains sustainable, organic and natural products. 

Their range has grown a ridiculous amount over the years, starting with predominately bath based products, they now create make up, perfume, body products, hair care, tooth care, and even have their own spas across the country. It is a beautiful brand with an amazing message and their products are truly incredible. 


I use a range of Lush products including their No Drought dry shampoo, MINTY toothpaste as well as a range of their facemasks and moisturisers. But my favourite products from Lush are their bath products, mainly their bath bombs. 

I love nothing more than having a couple of hours to myself on an evening to run myself a hot steamy bath, so that I have a good ol’ read of whatever book I am currently ploughing through. It is all the better if I have a lovely little collection of Lush bath bombs to pick from! With it just being Christmas I was lucky enough to get some lovely Lush goodies so I’m fully stocked for a good while now. 

One of the great things about Lush bath bombs, besides their natural ingredients, amazing smells and the way that they turn your bath into a mermaid inspired paradise, but also the fact that they are so big, you can certainly get two, three if not four baths out of just one bath bomb. I am also a huge fan of their bubble bars, which can be used again and again to create a sweet smelling, bubble bath. 

Are you a fan of Lush bath products? 
What are your favourites?


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