Ways To Change Your Mindset To Be A Happier, Healthier You

It can be so easy to blame anything but yourself when you have a bad day. So many times I find myself thinking the weather is crap, I don’t have any money, why does everything happen to me, why is everyone else so happy….?! When in reality, the one thing, the one person that can change how I feel is me…

I am a worrier, I get very stressed and I feel the pressure almost everyday, but the thing is, when I take a step back I realise that there is no need. I worry about things that are out of my control, I get stressed about things that I can most likely sort out myself and I am the one putting all of the pressure on myself.

Our brains are weird and wonderful things but until we realise that we are in charge of our own thoughts and feelings, it can be a major strain. Below are a few helpful tips to promote the idea that a healthy and happy mind equals a healthy and happy life…

"Make The Changes In Your Life That Count!

When you’re stuck in the same routine every day, it can be hard to see what that routine is doing to you, and you may be ignoring your mental health. The problem is, you should be putting your mental health above everything else; otherwise, you’re risking a whole lot! People who tend to ignore their health and try to work through everything, tend to get to the point of having a burnout. What this means is, you occupy your mind so much with the work and stress, that it can’t physically handle anymore. Some people even end up having up to six months off in this situation; which can really ruin your income and financial situation.


If you feel you’ve been overworked, then you might want to try seeing a therapist of some sort. There’s a wide range of services out there, and surely something for each individual! You might want to try out Mindfulness Wellbeing Courses, as they’re known to help many people out there get in touch with themselves, and can treat a wide range of issues! There’s no shame in getting help with your issues, everyone has a different threshold when it comes to mental strain, and many need some assistance along the way! Whether it be medicinal or therapeutic, seeing a professional could be essential!


If you’re struggling, you might want to start making some changes so you can bring the fun back into it. You might start with your job, as it’s generally the most significant change you can make, and it’s the most likely suspect when it comes to personal issues. No one likes being stuck in a job they don’t like, and it can make life hell if you’re really not enjoying yourself, yet you’re working full time! Changing job isn’t an easy task though, you’re usually stuck for a reason; most of the time it’s due to qualifications. That said, if your job is having a severely negative effect on your life, then you should be determined to get rid of it! If you don’t have the qualifications, there are many training courses and online courses you can take; which are perfect if you’re looking to get qualified for another working path.

If you’re not looking to change your job, have you considered changing how you live? Many people miss out on a lot of pleasure every day, because they’re saving all of their money for the future, and not having anything for themselves. That’s not to say you should spend all of your money as soon as it comes; everyone should save! It’s just, you need to make space in your life for the one who’s working hard. Even if it just means getting something small for yourself every now and then, it can give you something to look forward to. As insignificant as it sounds, keeping yourself satisfied is very important! It’s a means of keeping yourself motivated, happy and healthy!"


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